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Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Basic Surveillance Options Many companies assume that a few surveillance cameras are enough to protect their business. There are often unseen costs associated with this. You may need to weatherproof your cameras, install additional cooling equipment to reduce heat associated with sun exposure or you may need dust filters to reduce the impact of pollutants.…

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Creative uses of commercial video surveillance


Video surveillance is one of the most important security features of our time. Major security companies will offer boots on the ground as well, patrolling shifts, or a security officer at a retail location. But one feature is often for business owners to usurp the role of all of these, namely, video surveillance. A criminal…

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Commercial Security: Responding to Burglary

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As a business owner, burglary is one of the most invasive crimes you will ever experience. Not only is there loss of your equipment and/or inventory, but there is a sense of being violated, both personally and professionally. Your income, and that of your employees, has been jeopardized and you may experience loss of life…

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Access Control Gives You More Key Control, Less Employee Risk

access control

  he holidays are a time when many companies hire an influx of temporary help to cover employee vacations. It’s also a time when many businesses hire consultants to come in for training sessions. With those things in mind, should your temporary employees receive access control credentials like your permanent staff does? Yes they should. Often, temporary…

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Why UL Listing Important For An Alarm Monitoring Company


If you have shopped around for a security system, you probably saw that many alarm companies advertise that they are UL listed (like we do). What is UL listing, and why is it important for your alarm monitoring company to be UL listed? UL is actually Underwriters Laboratories, an independent product safety certification organization that’s more…

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Video verification: surveillance has evolved


Property crime in Washington State totals around 278,000 occurrences per year according to recent public data. Per capita, that means roughly 1 in 37 Washington residents either have been or will likely be the victim of a property crime 2015. Thankfully, preventing theft and violence while bolstering the security plan you already have in place…

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Seattle Home Security Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween brings pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and mounds of candy and a lot to love in Seattle. Washington residents love to get out into the community and enjoy this festive night but also realize that Halloween brings increased hazards for kids and homeowners. Make memories this October 31st and keep trick-or-treaters safe and keep your home…

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Tips for Selecting a Home Security Pass Code


Keeping your home secure begins with choosing and protecting a strong pass code. Naturally, you want it to be one you can remember, but not one that others can figure out. Choosing an easily guessed pass code is very similar to leaving a key under your mat. It is an invitation to thieves to disarm…

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Easy Ways to Reduce False Alarms

Prevent False Alarms

False alarms are problematic for everyone. They cause the homeowner unnecessary worry and can burden the emergency system, increasing their response times to real emergencies. The good news is that most incidents of false alarms can be avoided by following a few simple tips. Talk to Your Home Security System Provider There are many things…

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Read this Before You Hide Your Valuables

Read this before hidding your valuables

Everyone has valuables that they would like to keep in the home and out of the hands of burglars. The more important or valuable the item, the more important it is to keep it secure and out of view. But just how stealthy is that hiding spot? Chances are good that it is more obvious…

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