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IP Video: Increasing Your Bottom Line through Modern Technology

ip video companies in seattle

Are you curious about how to increase your bottom line through increased technology? Then look no further than IP video monitoring. These IP-based cameras make surveillance even easier, and you’re sure to appreciate how much you will learn through the use of these cameras. At Guardian Security we can provide you with multiple product options…

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3 Advantages of IP Video Surveillance


Using the power of the Internet, video surveillance is reaching levels once unimagined. IP video surveillance systems are a hot topic in the industry today especially in the greater Seattle area. IP technology was slow to gain acceptance, but with almost universal internet accessibility, that is changing and has come of age, gaiing wide acceptance. The first…

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Window Security Tips for the Home


Remember when our Seattle home security professionals told you how your windows could be made more secure? If not, we’d love to give you a reminder! We continue to offer you the option to upgrade your home’s windows to Eagle® windows with VeriLock™ sensors, which are manufactured by Honeywell and the Andersen Corporation. What makes…

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House Fire Hazards You May Have Overlooked

home fire alarm systems

Seattle home security customers: When was the last time you thought about the fire hazards in your home? Some of the obvious ones, like the fire risks from the stove and fireplace, may be things we think about often. On the other hand, there are fire risks that people give little to any thought about…

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Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Basic Surveillance Options Many companies assume that a few surveillance cameras are enough to protect their business. There are often unseen costs associated with this. You may need to weatherproof your cameras, install additional cooling equipment to reduce heat associated with sun exposure or you may need dust filters to reduce the impact of pollutants.…

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Creative uses of commercial video surveillance


Video surveillance is one of the most important security features of our time. Major security companies will offer boots on the ground as well, patrolling shifts, or a security officer at a retail location. But one feature is often for business owners to usurp the role of all of these, namely, video surveillance. A criminal…

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The Importance of Smoke Alarms

seattle home fire alarm systems

Seattle fire alarm systems customers: this is a great time to revisit the importance of smoke alarms in the home. We sometimes take them for granted, but we shouldn’t – because smoke alarms save lives. Considering the fact that it only takes three to four minutes for a small house fire to spread out of…

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Protecting Yourself From Distraction Burglary


Distraction burglaries typically peak in the summer months, and then taper off in the fall before returning in full force just in time for Christmas. Understanding how distraction burglary works is critical to your home security in Seattle, and it’s also an important part of staying safe in public.  Distraction burglaries happen both at home…

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Commercial Security: Responding to Burglary

seattle commercial security

As a business owner, burglary is one of the most invasive crimes you will ever experience. Not only is there loss of your equipment and/or inventory, but there is a sense of being violated, both personally and professionally. Your income, and that of your employees, has been jeopardized and you may experience loss of life…

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