IP Video: Increasing Your Bottom Line through Modern Technology

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Are you curious about how to increase your bottom line through increased technology? Then look no further than IP video monitoring. These IP-based cameras make surveillance even easier, and you’re sure to appreciate how much you will learn through the use of these cameras.

At Guardian Security we can provide you with multiple product options for your IP Video Surveillance with the camera lines from Vitek, Acti, Avigilon and Bosch.

One of the main reasons for this changing infrastructure is the economics of the platform. All the costs, especially of IP video surveillance, continue to go down. It seems that all the time the cameras’ prices are getting lower. Also, image quality, which was a problem some time ago, has been resolved as an issue.

Another issue is the new functions that these environments can do for the cameras. With IP video, it is easier to distribute content. And many large companies with sections located around the world are happy to see that this is happening, so forward thinking enterprises are buying IP video surveillance.

If you think it’s still too expensive, keep in mind that pretty soon there will be a good business case for transitioning to different environments, and it will be easier to make use of IP video technology in just about any setting. There are also DVRs that can record IP video and also analog cameras, too. This makes a good transition.

The most likely places to use these cameras are schools, colleges, and universities. Corporations are also likely to switch over, as are multi-nationals, which can distribute content easily. It will be nice to share content between units, for them.

It may be some time before IP video is the choice of all companies and schools, but it will happen. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to record and transmit video, and analog does indeed seem to be on its way out. So, pay attention to IP video and the like: it’s here to stay.

For a complimentary analysis of your video surveillance system, and upgrading to IP Video, please contact Guardian Security today.

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