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It may be one of the most timeless burglary tools of all time. It’s the lockpick, and it’s bound to be in the toolbox of every burglar on the block. It’s true that today’s burglars use more novel ways to get into homes – everything from haphazardly throwing a brick through a window to carefully squeezing through a doggie door. But unfortunately, the tried-and-true lockpick isn’t going anywhere.

How This Works

We don’t want to tell you how burglars use lockpicks; that would not be a responsible thing to publish. What we do want to do is tell you how to protect your home’s locks from these tools, so you can reinforce your doors more than they currently are.

First, you can look for pick-proof locks. The terms to search for are “bump resistant” and “spool pin” locks. These are locks that are specifically designed to be pick-proof, as well as bump proof (a “bump key” is another variety of lockpick that makes opening a locked door astonishingly easy).

Another preventive measure you can take is using a secondary device, like a thumb-turn latch. This is a latch that fits over the thumb-turn on the inside of the door and makes it impossible for the lock to turn when someone attempts to open it. Think of it as a much more sophisticated version of a child safety tool for the door. When you have one of these devices on your door, you can leave through your garage every day, so that you never have to undo this protective latch.

Guardian Security Can Help

Of course, you can also use keyless entry. With Guardian Security, you can request a smart key device that is controlled remotely with your smartphone, rather than with a traditional key. This is perhaps the most security-smart way to make your locks pick-proof. For more information, ask your Guardian Security representative. They will be glad to help you!

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