Love Your Dog, but Have a Security System

Love your dog but have a security system

You love your family dog, and so does everyone who meets him. He’s sweet, he’s loyal, and he does his best to protect everyone in your household. But is coming into contact with him enough to scare a criminal away? Normally, the answer is no. Here are some reasons why.

Your dog’s senses are not unfailing.

Dogs have uncannily good senses of hearing, smell and instincts. And  yet, even the smartest dogs are not infallible in the decisions they make after hearing or smelling someone. This is why some pups are quintessential “guard dogs,” and some simply aren’t.

Compare your lovable pet’s reality to the reliability of a professionally monitored home security system. Motion detectors, glass break detectors and other technology work together to identify when someone coming through the door or window is an intruder. At the central station monitoring center, your system is being monitored 24/7 so that help will be on its way as soon as the break-in happens.

Your dog lacks a wireless connection. 

He’s adorable, but your dog just isn’t built with technology that connects to the monitoring center (and you probably don’t want him to be!). But your security system is, and it will make sure a trained operator at the central station is on the phone with you the moment the alarm is triggered. From that point, help will be on its way.  

Your dog is vulnerable.

Unlike a home security system, your pet can be distracted by a criminal with something as simple as a piece of tasty meat. Furthermore, is it really fair to place the security of an entire household on your dog’s shoulders? He’s a vulnerable creature; he can supplement your security system, but he should not be expected to replace it.

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