Top Home Security Blunders

Life gets busy and we all get a little slack when it comes to thinking about home security. Unfortunately, this is a huge factor in why four burglaries happen every minute in the US. Burglars count on us to lose focus and make common mistake. All they need to do is wait for their prime opportunity to commit crime.
Nobody wants their home to be burglarized, and much less roll out the red carpet for crime. Stay on your toes and avoid these common home security mistakes.

Forget to Turn on Alarm Systems

Remember to activate your security system. For a home security system to be effective, it must be activated at every opportunity.

Leaving Out Hidden Keys

Whether it is a faux rock or a key tucked under a planter, criminals are way ahead of the game and know exactly where to look for hidden keys.

Overgrown Foliage or Other Cover

Criminals love to work out of the view of prying eyes and overgrown landscaping provides excellent cover.

Broken Locks on Doors and Windows

It is easy to forget about the broken window lock on the backside of the hose, but that is one thing criminals look for when gaining entry.

Unsecured Garage

Criminals know that most residents fail to secure the garage or know the simple ways to improve garage security.

Low Lighting

Criminals love the cover of darkness, and inadequate lighting is a common mistake most residents make.

Advertising Valuables

Keeping windows open is one way to give criminals a peek into your world and provide all the incentive they need to clean house.

Telling Trash

Trash tells a story and many people forget to keep trash cans secure, break down labeled boxes, or otherwise obscure purchases.
Take the time today to improve your home security. If you have not already, consider having a security system installed. Then, make sure you are not making the common mistakes that invite crime.

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