Creative uses of commercial video surveillance


Video surveillance is one of the most important security features of our time. Major security companies will offer boots on the ground as well, patrolling shifts, or a security officer at a retail location. But one feature is often for business owners to usurp the role of all of these, namely, video surveillance.

A criminal will be deterred by the potential that they might be on camera. Their picture will be all over the news within an hour. This is what we think of when one mentions video surveillance. However, business owners have found some creative uses for their commercial video surveillance.

Video surveillance can improve customer service.

Advances in video surveillance software contributes to airport security and identifying criminals based on their suspicious behavior. If an individual suddenly changes direction while going through airport security, the cameras will be in tune with this sudden movement and this man will be swiftly swallowed up by officers. The retail industry might use their software to identify the behavior and mannerism of a potential thief. This software is critical for the operational security of important industries, such as air travel. However, this same technology and software can be applied to operate on another function. It can be applied to improve customer service.

Video analytics will give the corporate offices necessary information to improve the store experience by revealing the need for simple changes. If there is a long line every day at 6 o’clock, and only one register and one person who is working the register, video surveillance will let the corporate office or management know of this situation so that they can mitigate it. They might react to the data revealed by video surveillance to add a second cash register or a few more employees. Further, it will let them know which advertising and marketing schemes are working. If customers spend a lot of time looking at a particular advertisement, the corporate office will know that it is something that they should continue using. If there is a particular color scheme that draws customers to a certain rack, video surveillance will capture this data and management will know that they need to continue to produce akin trends for their customers. It should also be noted that if attendants know how many customers are in the store, they may preemptively prepare how much personal attention they are going to a customer.

Restaurant insight. Patrons of a restaurant in New York City were complaining about slow service. So after analyzing the video surveillance from 2004 and 2014, the management gained some intelligence about why their service was considerably slower than it used to be. People are more keen to spend time using wifi. Their superior cameras made the customers want to take pictures. Phones were a general distraction that prevented people from leaving quickly. It is quite interesting how video surveillance can provide insight into customer service. More companies are realizing this and amending their policies according to the revealed data.

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