Read this Before You Hide Your Valuables

Read this before hidding your valuables

Everyone has valuables that they would like to keep in the home and out of the hands of burglars. The more important or valuable the item, the more important it is to keep it secure and out of view. But just how stealthy is that hiding spot? Chances are good that it is more obvious that you’d think.

According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, burglars are after three things: Cash (79%), Jewelry (68%), and Electronics (56%). And it is surprisingly easy to predict where people would hide those things based on their preciousness, frequency of use, and the desire to keep them close enough to watch.

Understanding the predictability of human nature and the desirability of certain items, certain hiding spots are so common or obvious that you may as well leave your items in plain sight.

If you want to hide your valuables, avoid these worst hiding places.

Your Bedroom Closet

No matter how high you have clothes piled the bedroom closet is one of the first places burglars will look for cash and jewelry. Hiding things in the closet feels safer because it is out of sight and behind a closed door. But it is a false security that burglars bank on.

Under the Mattress

Your grandparents did it. Your great –grandparents did it. Your great-great-grandparents probably did too. The “mattress as bank” is so old that it is almost cliché, but people still do it. And thieves still look there for your most treasured possessions.

In Dresser Drawers

No matter what you wrap it in, hiding your valuables in your dresser drawer is a bad idea. Not only is it incredibly common, it takes minimal effort and time to dump the drawers to expose the valuables.

In the Kids Room

The kids’ room used to be a wonderful place to hide things because burglars seldom went there. Now the children’s room is a primary target because of the likelihood of it holding many high priced small electronics which are easy to resell.

In Extra Purses, Handbags, or Suitcases

The extra bag or suitcase at the back of the closet or in the garage may seem like a totally inconspicuous place to hide valuables but thieves love to use such things as handy carryalls to make away with your things. If you have hidden your valuables there, thieves consider it a bonus.

In the Toilet Tank

This idea seems genius, but since it has been featured on television and in movies so many times it has become a very common place to hide things, and a common place to thieves to look.

On the Bookshelf

Most books may not have any monetary value in themselves but hiding valuables in or behind them is so common that thieves will usually take the few moments I t takes to dump them to see what spills out.

In a Small Safe

We get points for using a safe, but if it is not bolted to the floor it is time and effort wasted. Thieves frequently work in pairs or more to accomplish a job so carrying out a small safe is an easy win for them.

Law enforcement agencies say that there is no place in the home that thieves won’t look to find your valuables and recommend using a safety deposit box for small valuables. The next thing to consider is doing all you can to keep thieves out of the house in the first place. Home security systems have proven to reduce the likelihood of someone breaking into a home and thieves say they will pass over a home that is obviously protected with home security and home surveillance technologies. If you would like more information about how these technologies can help keep your family, home and property safe, please give us a call.

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