Yakima Alarm Ordinances and Verification

Alarm ordinances in Washington state are different in every city, with each Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ, typically a city or county) having license to enforce their own rules for how security alarm signals are treated by law enforcement. This is a necessary measure to align alarm ordinances with each city or county’s:

  • Geographical layout.
  • Frequency of false alarms.
  • Nature of local emergencies.

As a homeowner or business owner in Washington state, knowing the alarm ordinances of your specific AHJ is your responsibility. The information here is specifically for property owners in the city of Yakima. Understanding Yakima alarm ordinances is key to understanding what will happen in the event you have a false alarm at your location.

Verified Response Required by Yakima Alarm Ordinances

In Yakima, alarm ordinances dictate that a verified response (VR) must be provided in order for police to respond to a dispatch that was initiated by an alarm signal. This means that Yakima police do not respond directly to alarm signals; they require an eye witness to confirm the break-in happened first. Other AHJs that require a VR for alarms are Bellingham, Burien and Kent.

How Alarm Verification is Provided in Yakima

As your alarm monitoring provider, Guardian Security can deliver video verification that serves as the required eye witness confirmation of a break-in at your property. Video verification involves a live security agent at our monitoring center:

  • Viewing the live video of your security event.
  • Confirming it as a crime in progress.
  • Then, dispatching law enforcement.

The agent will communicate to police the nature of the emergency, and police will prioritize your signal because of the verified response.

For questions on Yakima alarm ordinances that affect your property – or, to discuss how we can provide your Yakima property with reliable alarm monitoring – request a complimentary assessment from Guardian Security. We look forward to assisting you.

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