School Year Essentials for Busy Parents

School Year Essential for Busy Parents
The school year is in full swing, and yet your shopping list isn’t getting any shorter. When the weather changes, that means more new clothes are needed. Teachers are adding more “must-haves” to the lists they send home with students, from tablets to tissue boxes. And, it turns out that backpack you just bought a month ago is too small to fit all the books that have to come home every night.

When real life is brimming with these inconveniences, it’s important to take advantage of any new conveniences you can. And that’s exactly what we’re offering parents this school year: essential smart home services that make life easier. If you’re a busy parent whose worries are multiplying faster than your income, here’s what you may want to consider.

Fewer Keys, Fewer Worries

Is this the year your older kids are starting to arrive home on their own? If so, you’re probably worried about keys getting lost. But with smart home technology integrated into your security system, that’s one worry you’ll be able to leave behind. With keyless smart locks, the worry that keys will be lost in the school bus, carpool van or classroom is a thing of the past.

You Stay in Control

Now that you have keyless entry, the method for entering the house is an easy-to-remember, four-digit user code. As the parent, this gives you even more control. You’ll be able to program your system to prevent the alarm from triggering when your children’s codes are entered. And if anyone does forget their code, they can call you so you can unlock the door remotely from your smartphone.

Responsibilities Grow with Them

Chances are, your kids will have fewer responsibilities in middle school than they will in high school. As they get older, you can decide when it’s time for them to have access to the smart home security app themselves. When they do, they can get their own notifications if a door isn’t locked, the garage is open or the alarm isn’t armed when it should be. With a few taps on the phones they already carry with them, they’ll be able to fix things quickly with remote command.
These are some of the real life advantages upgrading to smart home technology can offer. For questions on any of these features, contact Guardian Security. We look forward to hearing from you.

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