Access Control Gives You More Key Control, Less Employee Risk

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he holidays are a time when many companies hire an influx of temporary help to cover employee vacations. It’s also a time when many businesses hire consultants to come in for training sessions. With those things in mind, should your temporary employees receive access control credentials like your permanent staff does? Yes they should. Often, temporary workers are not screened by the company itself, but a temp agency that may or may not be trustworthy. Plus, the risk of lost keys is an ever-present threat, no matter who you employ. Think about it: Employees lose keys all the time. Therefore two costs are incurred, replacing the physical key and potentially having to change out the door key core. The latter being a high cost and time intensive undertaking as new keys must be made, old keys collected and new keys issued. The best way to enforce key control and be sure that any employee, temporary or permanent, only has access to the property during business hours is by utilizing an electronic access control system.

Fortunately, there are many access control systems available from Guardian Security. We promote access control systems from reliable manufacturers such as Open Option, Brivo, Sielox and Bosch. These solutions are scalable from one to hundreds of doors in all types of businesses, government buildings and other organizations.

Other Integrators may only give you a choice of one or two access control systems; we offer you lots of choices, so you can match up your access control needs with a system that meets them perfectly. Some are designed for large commercial enterprises, while others are designed for small business applications.

More key control, less employee risks. Just a few more benefits of incorporating access control into your security system. For more information, contact Guardian Security today.


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