Does Your Landscaping Hurt or Help Your Home Security?

Home security is a big deal. Almost every American at least makes some effort in making their home more secure against crime, yet some of the actions we can take are not as obvious as others. When we think of home security, home security alarm systems come to mind first. That’s good because home security systems have proven to deter more crime than any other preventative measure. However, there is still something more that you can do to help protect your property—consider the landscaping.

Your Landscape is a Tool

Landscaping is a thing of beauty, but it is also a tool. How it is designed determines if is your tool, or that of an intruder. Few people think of landscaping as a security feature, and because of this it very often becomes a hazard leveraged by criminals. Look at your landscape from the home and from the street and evaluate how it might help or hurt your home security.

Place Your Trees, Bushes and Shrubs Strategically

Trees and bushes make a property very attractive, but the lush foliage can also provide excellent cover for anyone wanting to commit a crime. Trees can provide access to second levels, bushes and trellises can provide complete cover even in daytime, for example. Cut back anything located against the home structure.

Think Twice Before Completely Obstructing View

Many people use dense foliage around the property line to enhance their privacy. This, however, can work against your home protection. Anything that obscures the view of your home also provides extra cover for anyone wanting to commit crime.

Light it Up!

Again, criminals want to carry out their crimes successfully so lighting can be a real deterrent. In addition to pathway lighting, consider motion activated floodlighting that cover places such as doors and windows.

Keep the Yard Freshly Trimmed

Long grass can tell an intruder that you are away from home or that the house is empty. If you are going to be away from home or tied up in work, hire someone to keep things in order.

Fences Keep People Out, Right?

Yes. Fences keep people out, but they can also help people get in! If getting beyond the fence is easy, criminals do not see it as a deterrent, but valuable cover. It may sound counter intuitive, but fencing can actually be a problem to your security unless you have the home and property line additionally secured with some of the many options in home protection.

Use Security Signs and Decals. They work.

Studies show that the vast majority of criminals will pass by a home that is clearly protected by home security alarm systems. Display signs prominently and increase your home security.

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