Defeating Smash and Grab Burglary

The Seattle area has been hit hard by smash and grab burglaries over the past two months. In one recent example, valuable jewelry was stolen from a store’s window display after when the suspects used a large sledgehammer to smash the glass, causing half a million dollars in damage in addition to the loss of property.

What is a Smash and Grab Burglary?

A smash and grab is the simplest way for a criminal to burglarize a storefront; he uses a crowbar, sledgehammer or another tool to smash in a glass display window or front door, then grabs everything he can reach (or whatever he has been scoping out). Often, it happens so quickly that the alarm doesn’t sound until seconds after the burglar has fled in the getaway car. What can you do about this as a business owner?

Customize Your Business’s Security System 

With a customized security system that includes glass break detectors at all glass entries, a smash and grab burglar is less likely to get away easily. The audible siren that is triggered by the sound and vibration of breaking glass is loud enough to potentially scare off the criminal – and if he “grabs” merchandise anyway, the siren is designed to alert witnesses so there is a better chance of someone obtaining the car’s license plate number before it speeds off.

Include a Monitored Camera System 

Naturally, this security system customization should also include monitored security cameras. We know that the presence of security cameras alone is a deterrent to many criminals – but in the case of the jewelry store robberies mentioned here, they weren’t enough to stop these suspects from acting. For that reason, we recommend a monitored camera system that allows for immediate viewing of video clips so that suspects can be identified as quickly as possible. Still shots from the clips can be shared on social media in addition to being given to law enforcement.

In a time when Seattle businesses are being targeted for smash and grab burglary by serial offenders, this is the time to consider upgrading your business security system. For more information, contact Guardian Security.

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