Video Monitoring

Whether you rely on human resources or electronic systems, investing in onsite security is a critical decision.  If your business employs live guards, by replacing the coverage they provide with a video monitoring service may be the right way to maximize your security investment. Here are some key reasons why:

24 Hour Security Cost


While a live security guard can only work eight hours per day, the indispensable 24-hour coverage that every business needs can be seamlessly provided by video monitoring. In Washington state, hiring a security guard costs an average of $20.30 per hour, according to To achieve continuous security, a business would have to fund three security guard shifts daily—an unsustainable model for most businesses. 


Contrast to onsite security, the video monitoring model can provide coverage during the hours that a live security guard is not on duty. Video monitoring is triggered by an alarm activated signal that immediately transmits a live feed of the site to our monitoring center. From there, our security professionals view the live video to verify that an intrusion is in progress. 


Using powerful talkdown technology, they make a live video announcement to the site, that the intruder will hear and react to (often, by fleeing the site). This is the most cost-effective way to minimize potential damage to your business.

Fluid Security Needs

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Washington state employs 12,000 to 23,000 security guards annually, highlighting the dynamic nature of security needs in our local communities. As crime rates, economic conditions, and business sizes change, the demand for onsite security frequently fluctuates.


To meet this fluid demand, video monitoring provides scalability. Unlike the challenges of hiring and terminating live security staff as needs change, our video monitoring service easily scales up and down. Organizations can adapt the solution to evolving security requirements, making it a scalable option for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Live Guard Limitations

Even the most skilled security guards are bound by their human limitations. In situations where trespassers refuse to vacate, a security guard must call the police—yet, there is no guarantee of a timely response. The average police response time to an intrusion is 45 minutes, allowing significant damage to occur.

Real-Time Response Capabilities

In contrast, video monitoring ensures a swift, real-time response. Seamlessly integrating video surveillance and rapid response minimizes the need for a physical onsite security presence. For businesses seeking an alternative to staffing security guards, video monitoring emerges as the ideal solution.

Experience The Difference With Video Monitoring

Ensuring security at a construction site and preventing crime is crucial to protect assets, equipment, materials, and personnel.

Utilizing live remote guards can significantly enhance security at business sites, providing real-time monitoring and response capabilities. Here's a scenario illustrating how a live remote guard catches a suspicious person at a business site.

A live remote guard stationed at a monitoring center receives an alert indicating suspicious activity at a business site. This triggers an immediate response from the remote guard.

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To discuss your business security needs and how video monitoring can fulfill them, call Guardian Security. We proudly provide video monitoring to businesses throughout Washington state. 

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"Sean Humphrey House has used Guardian's Security's services for several years. We have been consistently impressed with their services, prompt scheduling of appointments/inspections, thoroughness and accuracy of work performed by technicians/specialists, and professionalism of office/support staff. Guardian Security completes our annual inspections, and repair needs, in a timely manner and for reasonable costs/fees. We highly recommend them!"

Roy Sykes
Humphrey House
Bellingham, WA

YMCA Logo"Guardian Security set up the appointment to test our sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and everything else! They were very exact and prompt. The men arrived on time, were conscious of our request to test the alarms later so that our residents would not be frightened. They worked the better part of the day, not even stopping for lunch. They were polite and very professional. I was very impressed."

YMCA Bellingham
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emb management“I have found the services provided by Guardian to be both flexible and responsive to the needs of my clients. They have always been quick to respond and excellent at troubleshooting problems with systems suffering from construction defects and poor installation.”

Janelle Fenton, CMCA
Director of Marketing and Operations
EMB Management

landmark real estate“On multiple occasions, Guardian Security has come to the rescue on failed security systems caused by other alarm monitoring companies. I appreciate Guardian Security’s ability to follow up on annual inspections, provide information on new programs/technology and suggestions on ways to reduce expenses at my rental properties.”

Kimberly Servoss
Commercial Property Manager 
Landmark Real Estate Management, LLC

WHWS_Logo2012"The staff at Guardian are easy to work with and thorough."

Kathy F.
Whatcom Hills Waldorf School
Bellingham, WA

bug_logo-sm  "Our company underwent a state survey, and as a result we were required to have additional testing on our smoke alarms and zoned fire alarm system. The survey requirements needed to be met per state code as well as on a specific, quick, timeline. Guardian Security was extremely responsive. I made contact with Guardian, and was moved quickly and efficiently to the appropriate persons. Testing was completed in our office setting, during business hours, without hassle or disruption to our business. Everyone from reception, to scheduling, and the service technicians who performed the testing were exceptionally helpful. Very professional service, top to bottom!"
Anna McClellan
Bellingham Urology Group PLLC

"I have working wthe-creeksideith Guardian Security here for the past seven and a half years. It has been a pleasure to work with a great group of people. Very professional and have the compassion working around my senior residents. I would recommend this company to anyone. You folks at Guardian make my job a whole lot easier." 
Dennis Nick
Maintenance Supervisor
Creekside Merrill Gardens

logo_main_sch"The prompt service call was completed by a knowledgeable and courteous service technician who found the problem quickly and restored our service in a timely manner. She acted in a professional manner and treated us with respect and consideration. I'd be happy to have this technician at our facility in the future, and feel that she portrays the highest standards for your company. Bravo!"

Mark Zealor
Seattle Children's Research

Randall Berg

"There are many fire safety companies in the Seattle/King County area. Some who charge a bit less than Guardian Security. For the last thirty years, I have chosen Guardian Security to service and repair our buildings because of their knowledge and quality. Their advance notice of upcoming renewals takes scheduling off my busy "To Do" list and gives me plenty of time to alert the residents of the upcoming service. Their capability of quickly attending to an emergency is most comforting. I cannot imagine managing this aspect of our buildings without Guardian Security."

Randall Berg
Randall Berg & Associates

"Very punctual, accommodating with dates and times, courteous and knowledgeable. We are very pleased to have Guardian Security perform maintenance on our system."

Arthur Avalos
The Art Institute of Seattle
Seattle, WA

"Guardian security is more than our contracted alarm systems company and technicians. Every person I interact with at Guardian treats me with the utmost respect, professionalism and knowledge. I can personally say that it is always a pleasure to have any of the Guardian team members on site for any service matters."

Wesley Homes
Lea Hills, WA

YMCA Logo"Once again the technicians that represent Guardian Security were on-time, professional and prompt with their task. Allowing me to get on with my Sunday plans."


Janet Cassar
YMCA Day Care

Universal-avionics"Two technicians came to my building to identify a solution for repairing a non-working alarm. They quickly diagnosed the issue as the alarm being disconnected sometime in the past. They re-connected the wires and solved the issue saving our company thousands of dollars in equipment rental."

Chris Wythe
Universal Avionics

The-Mountaineers"The Mountaineers Baker Lodge replies on GUARDIAN SECURITY to ensure the safety of our guests. Their fire alarm inspection and fire extinguisher services are excellent. Knowing that the alarm system is tested and fully functional give the Baker Lodge hosts peace of mind. Thanks Guardian!!"

Rich Lawrence
The Mountaineers

BTTC"These guys are always prompt and professional! We love their service, and it's great to have someone you depend on, especially when it involves Security.


Monika Szubska
Bellingham Training & Tennis Club

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