Ensuring Your Seattle Fire Alarm Systems Pass Annual Inspections

Christopher Moye
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Though they can induce a bit stress, annual commercial fire alarm systems inspections are required by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) over your property and designed to help prevent injury and mitigate loss due to fires. Depending on the location and type of system you have, the length and frequency of testing will vary but contracting with a reliable testing provider will ensure that you remain in compliance, and more importantly will help keep the occupants safe.

Review the Codes

The first step in having successful fire inspections is knowing the code requirements. Each city or Authority Having Jurisdiction may have its own set of Fire Code and may have individual interpretation of that code. What is compliant in Seattle may not also work in Bellevue or on Mercer Island. Make sure you know which code your property falls under.

Why Fire Systems Fail Inspections

According to Building Reports 2015 Fire & Life Safety Inspection Benchmark Report (which encompasses over 2.7 million inspections reports) there are multiple findings on device failures.

  • Conventional Systems Fail more than Addressable. While only 13.39% of the total devices inspected were Conventional vs. Addressable, Conventional systems accounted for 17.68% of total device failures.
  • Although the requirements for proper signage are not new, facilities failed to have the proper signage almost 5%of the time.
  • Device blockage. Data shows that the industry must ensure that fire and life safety devices are not being physically blocked, and must ensure they are accessible for inspection.
  • For residential systems, the number one reason for failure is from either a low or out of date battery.

Fire System Confidence Testing

The best way to avoid problems and protect the integrity of your fire system is to have it tested by fire system experts such as those at Guardian Security, trained in system requirements as well as regulatory requirements. Locally owned and operated, and serving the Puget Sound area, our regular fire system confidence testing ensures that each system is working and flawlessly integrated for stress-free fire inspections.

Contact us today with your questions or to schedule fire system confidence testing.