3 Practical Tips For Enhancing Commercial Security

Did you know that thirty percent of businesses in the United States fail as a result of crime? Crime is expensive and whether the loss is cumulative due to shoplifting or employee theft or as a result of a large-scale burglary, it takes much less in loss to devastate a business than most believe. Even worse, a small business is much less likely to have security in place at less than 50 percent, but small thefts hit small business even harder. No matter the size of the business, however, crime is costly.

Nobody expects a business owner to additionally be a security expert. After all, you do what you do best, and that is a great thing. But there are three top security rules that every business owner should know, and make their priority.

Have Adequate Lighting

It may seem like an obvious solution, but so many businesses neglect this basic rule that it tops the list. Criminals want to commit a crime without getting caught and adequate lighting is a huge deterrence. Make criminals think twice by having enough interior and exterior lighting. Commercial LED lighting systems are inexpensive to install and maintain, and well worth the effort. Do not permit gaps in coverage areas and play close attention to areas out of sight to passersby.

Set Up Early Detection

Today’s advanced and affordable security technologies enable every size business to leverage the same tools to detect and event as quickly as possible inside or outside your premises. Video, motion detection and a combination of additional sensors can alert the owner to break-ins or persons in restricted areas. They can also warn you of equipment failure or even fire. With the added protection of 24/7 centralized security monitoring and multifunction alarm systems, business owners and emergency services can get the information they need, fast. The right security camera can connect directly to your business network and feed high-quality images to network video recorders and archived for law enforcement.

Use Security Like a Tool

Most businesses set up security to prevent burglary but forget the same security technology can also help reduce risk of slip and fall claims, improve customer service, and help improve productivity. Security technology is not just a security expense. It is an invaluable workplace tool that provides insights and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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