The Citations for Late Systems Testing Reports

We would like to update you on the new citations for late Systems Testing Reports. Beginning in 2020, SFD will issue citations to business owners who fail to send in their Systems Testing Reports on time. There is more in-depth information on these citations and reporting for fire alarm systems on the Seattle Government website at Here is some brief information on the topic.

Why is SFD Issuing Citations for These Reports

Fire safety systems are critical components of building security solutions necessary to save lives, protect property, and help first responders. The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) is not introducing the fine to penalize building owners. They are simply encouraging people to maintain their fire protection systems and test them regularly.

Every time a fire alarm system is inspected or worked on; the fire depart receives copies of the report on the system. There are also secondary tests and specific maintenance processes required though you don’t need to submit reports on them. The company you use for testing can provide more information on these necessary tests.

Timeframe for Submitting Reports

Seattle fire code requires inspectors to upload yellow and white tag reports within seven days, or they may incur a penalty of $373. Red tagged fire alarm systems must be reported immediately to the Seattle Fire Department. The website to do this is:

SFD also requires building owners to complete their inspections annually on time. Late annual inspections may also incur a penalty of $373.

To help you avoid penalties, we want to notify you now so you can prepare for the new year. In early 2020, there will be a transition period where SFD will only issue one citation per company per quarter rather than one citation for every late report. Please, take the necessary steps now to make sure that your business can meet these reporting deadlines.

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