Top Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Security Alarm System

When is it time to upgrade your security alarm system? The answer is probably sooner than you realize. Technologies advance so quickly that we think nothing about upgrading our computers, phones and cameras every year because the new models offer so many features and improvements over the previous models. In fact, it does not take long before many of the technologies that drive the features become outmoded by newer technologies and upgrading is necessary.

It should not surprise us then that it is just as important to upgrade a security alarm system regularly. Security systems use many of those same technologies and the systems can become outdated in time, and new, important features are added every year. Those changes can seriously impact the effectiveness of your system.

Here are some important reasons you should upgrade your security system.

  1. Criminals Love older technology. For a criminal, older technology is a real advantage. It means that it is technology they have already seen and have already figured out any weaknesses it may have. Criminals are also using new technologies to crack older systems.
  2. Many older systems use landline telephone lines to communicate with the central system. Landlines limit the technologies that are able to be implemented in the system, such as smart technologies and wireless cameras. Landlines are also vulnerable to being cut and disabled by criminals.
  3. Some alarm system owners actually only keep the landline for the express purpose of using it for the security system. This means they end up paying more for a less reliable connection that limits their services.
  4. Many of the existing security systems were installed using 2G technologies. AT& T and T-Mobile announced in 2012 plans to discontinue and shut down the 2G network by January 1st, 2017 to expand the newer 3G and 4G networks in what they call 2G Sunset. Systems installed using 2G technologies will no longer be able to the wireless s system, and thus not be able to communicate to the central monitoring system.
  5. Newer technologies support home automation products and services. These products can be controlled remotely from one interface.
  6. Wireless technologies support high resolution digital camera technologies. Digital footage can be easily stored and viewed later or in real time.
  7. Newer systems provide Smartphone accessibility which provides peace of mind while you are on the go. Having access to wireless supported alarms, locks, appliances and electronics means you can check their status anytime and from anywhere from a smartphone.
  8. Upgrading your security system to the most advanced offerings provides unprecedented access. That access can remove elements of human error, such as forgetting to turn the system on, by allowing the user to check the status of the system and turn it on remotely.

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