Smart Cameras vs. Retail Cameras for Home Security: What’s the Difference?

smart camera systems for seattle homes

For homeowners starting out with security services, one of the best choices to accompany intrusion detection is a camera system. In many scenarios, burglars will choose not to enter a home if they spot a security camera outside. Plus, cameras can be incredibly useful for household management. Parents can check in on the kids from their smartphone, and a doorbell camera allows people inside to talk to visitors without going to the door – that is, if the cameras are smart cameras.

That’s the one caveat: Not all home security cameras are smart cameras. For example, standalone camera sets found on retails shelves might seem like a convenient way to start out with home security – but because they aren’t smart cameras, they are unable to be connected to the homeowner’s security system. When there’s no integration between the cameras and the home security system, the homeowner misses out on a variety of benefits. These benefits include:

Seeing what’s happening in real time.

A retail-bought camera system can certainly capture a break-in; however, the homeowner will only be able to see what happened after the fact. This does very little to protect the home from the break-in itself.

But if the cameras were purchased from a professional security integrator, they can be connected to the homeowner’s security system. This means they’ll be able to see what’s in front of any camera installed at the home, anytime. And a home security mobile app makes it even easier to do on demand.

Seeing what’s happening more clearly.

Retail home security cameras will rarely offer a view as clear as the high-definition cameras that come with a professional integrator’s smart home security systems. With wireless indoor and outdoor cameras, homeowners can see what’s happening in HD resolution – even from the mobile app. There’s also a zoom capability, which many retail cameras won’t enable.

Getting custom video alerts on what’s happening.

When cameras are connected to a smart home security system, they can intelligently memorize the home’s activity. Additionally, homeowners are able to choose the specific events they want to receive notifications for. Here’s an example: A homeowner may want to receive a video alert every time there’s motion on the front porch – or, he may not. Maybe he only wants an alert whenever there’s motion outside the hours where family members are coming and going. With cameras that a professional security integrator has connected to the smart home security system, customizations like these are easy to set up.

These are some of the most important ways that smart cameras from a professional security integrator are superior to retail camera sets. To speak with a home security expert about these options, call Guardian Security for a free home security consultation.

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