Why Professional Monitoring Beats DIY Security

Professional Home Security beats DIY

DIY is everywhere now, with no shortage of options for homeowners who want to perform their own maintenance, repair, installation and even construction on the house. That may work for some jobs around the home, but security system monitoring isn’t one of them. Self-monitored alarm systems lack the following advantages:

Automatic Intervention

The technology that a professionally monitored security system affords includes safeguards that work proactively on their own. In the event of an alarm trigger due to a break-in, fire or other emergency event, the system will automatically send an emergency signal to the monitoring station with no effort on your part. This is automatic intervention you don’t have to think twice about until the moment it springs into action for you.  

Professional Security

Although there is a human element to a monitored security service, the service is being performed by a trained security professional – not the busy homeowner. The moment the emergency signal is sent to the dedicated monitoring station, a trained security professional is already assessing the situation, verifying your emergency with a call to you, and communicating with your local responders. Questions on how this works? We would be glad to explain.

Proactive Response

True, some self-monitored alarm services still send you a mobile alert. But what happens if you miss the notification? You could be at the gym with your phone in a locker, at work with your phone turned off, or at the movies with it set to “do not disturb.” There are a variety of scenarios in which you may not see the alert – but with a professionally monitored system, help will be on its way to your home no matter what you’re doing. With a self-monitored system, whether or not your emergency is addressed will be squarely on your shoulders. Which option sounds better?

To learn more about the advantages of a professionally monitored security system in the Seattle area vs. a self-monitored alarm, contact Guardian Security. We will be glad to provide a free home security consultation.

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