Seasonal Worries A Home Security System Can Solve

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Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – but that doesn’t mean it’s without its fair share of worries. Fortunately, your security system can help you beat these concerns and keep them at bay long after the holidays are over. Here are four good examples.

1. Delivery Thieves

Delivery drivers are doing God’s work this time of year, aren’t they? And yet, they aren’t the only ones working overtime. Package thieves are putting in long hours too, prowling neighborhoods in hopes of grabbing boxes right off of innocent homeowners’ porches.

Fortunately, you can protect your deliveries with your doorbell camera, which will send an alert to your phone as soon as the delivery arrives. You can use the two-way voice communicator to tell them the best place to leave the package – and if you have smart locks installed, you can even unlock the door so they can leave the package inside. Then, lock back up when the driver walks away. 

2. Vacation Weakness

We’ve all seen the classic holiday film where a large, harried family leaves for an overseas Christmas vacation, only to leave the house unsecured (with one of the kids still inside!). Although most families aren’t quite thatfrazzled when getting out the door for vacation, it’s still quite possible to leave without locking up the house, leaving it vulnerable to burglars and other criminals.

Here’s how your system can help: First, smart lights that are integrated with your system can keep the house looking occupied, and you can automate them to turn on and off at specific times. Next, your intrusion detection and cameras will be a deterrent to many criminals; even if they know nobody’s home, most are smart enough to know that cameras equal consequences. And if they do break in, the audible alarm will sound and the monitoring center will send help to the scene. 

3. Fireplace Threats 

Your fireplace is cozy at Christmastime, but it’s also a potential hazard even when it’s being used properly. With “regular” smoke detectors, you won’t receive a smartphone alert if a fire starts or smoke builds up in the house and there’s no monitoring center to call for help. But with a smart home security system that has these features built in, the risks of fire are greatly reduced because of these proactive tools.

4. Winter Washouts

This is a cold time of year, and that means pipes can freeze. It’s a hazard that some homeowners just aren’t prepared for: pipes that burst and flood the home after they freeze and thaw out. Often, it’s not “just a little flood” – it can be a fast-rising, inches-high disaster. Many homeowners end up looking at a cleanup bill in the thousands of dollars.

How can your system help with this? With a connected temperature sensor that can send an alert to your phone if the temperature drops below a certain threshold. In fact, it can even be configured to trigger a water shutoff valve. In either case, you’re taking proactive measures to protect your home.

For questions on these ways to beat seasonal stresses with home security, Seattle homeowners can contact Guardian Security. We will be glad to answer them.

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