4 Ways Employers Can Create a Safer Workplace

Workplace safety
In this time of COVID concerns, we’re all thinking about safety. However, there are other safety concerns to keep in mind at work as well. Every seven seconds, an American is injured in the workplace. This is unfortunate — but what’s even more unfortunate is the fact that the accidents, hazards and other dangers that lead to workplace injuries are largely preventable. As an employer, you can do your part by implementing and following these basic workplace safety protocols.

1. Maintain an orderly environment.

Slips and falls account for 25% of all workplace injuries. No business is immune to becoming an unsafe environment that lead to slip-and-fall incidents, whether the hazards are piled up boxes, malfunctioning equipment, or cluttered inventory floors. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all areas, from floors to walkways to individual workspaces, are clear of hazards. Failing to do this can result in accidents, injuries, and legal liabilities. Some tips to maintain an orderly worksite include:
  • Cleaning up spills immediately.
  • Disposing of debris.
  • Keeping emergency exits unblocked.
  • Stacking heavy items on the bottom of piles.
  • Storing unused materials out of the way.

2. Keep fire safety equipment up to code.

At the very least, your workplace should have the appropriate number of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire sprinklers installed. However, it’s also your responsibility to make sure all this equipment is in working condition. Some system impairments can go unnoticed, which can lead to system component damage or render it completely inoperable.
By staying up to your local building codes and meeting National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) requirements, you can ensure the safety of not only your employees, but everyone who occupies your building: customers, vendors, and others.

3. Monitor the site with wireless cameras.

Wireless security cameras are important for reasons that go beyond theft prevention. No matter what type of business you run, installing wireless cameras helps you watch over the site to ensure employees are working safely. It also allows you view recent accidents to identify whether any safety guidelines were violated.
With wireless cameras, employers can view live video feed or past footage from the convenience of their smartphones. Whether you’re onsite or off, wireless cameras enable you to know what’s going on no matter what.

4. Install keyless entry on doors.

Traditionally locked doors that rely on keys are not merely outdated; in many cases, they can be unsafe. It’s a fact that 50% of all workplace burglaries occur through an unlocked door. That’s what makes smart locks so incredible. Rather than worrying about who has what key, employers can rest assured that doors are locked the moment they are closed. By relying on a numeric code or credential to unlock doors, your employees can be empowered to prevent intrusion, outside theft and other security concerns.
By doing these things, you can create a safer workplace for your employees. To learn more about wireless cameras, keyless entry, and other technology to improve workplace safety, contact us today.

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