Home Security and the Superbowl

Happy Superbowl week! Whether you’re watching the big game at your home or someone else’s, your home control security system can play a part. Consider these scenarios.


Let’s say you’re watching at home and entertaining friends. Those friends bring their friends, who bring even more friends. Pretty soon, there are half a dozen people in your house who you’ve never met before. At some point, a few of them wander out into your backyard. Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re doing without offending them or leaving the game? With your home control security system, you can. All it takes is a simple scroll through your phone to check the live video feed from the back door camera, and no one will be the wiser.


Or, maybe you plan to watch the game at a friend’s house. Guess who’s waiting for you to leave for the day? That’s right: It’s the not-so-friendly neighborhood thief. When he sees you drive away, he’s counting the minutes until he can “safely” creep into the house. But with your home control security system, you can be one step ahead of him by setting your alarm schedule before you leave. And if you forgot? You can also set it remotely from your destination, and receive an immediate text alert if that thief is detected in your home.


Watching the game from a restaurant or bar? It’s noisy in there, but you can still hear your alarm thanks to the tone or vibration of your smartphone. No matter where you watch the Superbowl from, your system will stay on top of your home security. This Superbowl Sunday, you won’t have to swap out fun for home security because your home control system lets you have it all. To find out more about home control security systems, contact Guardian Security.


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