Outdated Security Camera Systems: A Bigger Risk Than You Think

Christopher Moye
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Maximizing the worth of any of the tools and systems we use in business by extending their life of usefulness is critical in keeping our overall costs of doing business down. That’s true in nearly every case—except when it comes to commercial video surveillance systems. Most people could not give the accurate age of their system and hardly give it a thought until an event occurs that presses it into service. Unfortunately, a lack of attention to the system often results in unusable footage when it matters most.

That aging surveillance system may seem fine on the surface but technologies become outdated quickly and sensitive technologies that are not well-maintained can malfunction without warning. Here are some important ways outdated security systems put you at risk.

The System May No Longer Be Supported

Think about how often you receive updates for your phone or computer, and how quickly our devices go awry when we miss those updates or when the company no longer supports that device. The same is true for security systems. Surveillance technology is quickly advancing and eventually, the makers no longer support the system with critical updates. This can put your system, and ultimately your business, employees, and customers at risk.

The Longer the System Has Been on the Market, The More Vulnerable It Becomes

Another problem with older systems is in hacking. The more time the system has been on the market, the more time savvy criminals have to crack the code.

Older Systems Likely Do Not Meet Present Needs

A lot can happen in a short time that could impact your security needs. For example, your business could have expanded and the floorplan has changed, or you have increased traffic. Older systems might not allow for security monitoring, or not be capable of restricting access.

Older Systems May Not Run Optimally

Even a well-maintained video surveillance system can run into problems over time and not perform when you need it most. The type of system and the type of recording method used also affects performance. For example, the use of digitally backed footage is far more reliable than one using magnetic tape which has a limited lifetime off use.

You Might Miss Important Insights

One of the lesser acknowledged problems with outdated security technology is one of missed opportunity. Newer security systems have additional features that can benefit a business, such as remote access and control, automated alerts, and analytics which are likely not available to the older system.

Is your security system a victim of aging? Call Guardian security today to find out about your options.