Guardian Security Featured In SDM Magazine

Guardian Security was pleased to be featured in the February 2018 issue of SDM Magazine, a leading trade publication for the security industry. In the article, “The Access Control Cloud: Security Integrators Share Their top Benefits”, CEO Frank Close shares success stories from the company’s early days integrating access control solutions.

Partial Excerpt Below:

The Access Control Cloud: Security Integrators Share Their Top Benefits

February 5, 2018

Karyn Hodgson

What they see as the greatest benefits, what their experiences have been, how they started, and their advice for selling managed access control.

When Guardian Security was faced with a small customer (Seattle Repertory Theatre) whose budget didn’t allow for what they needed, they made their first foray into hosted access control. Without any training or background in this type of system, they installed it as a beta trial and discovered an untapped market.

Pictured: Robert Young, Installation Technician finalizing an access control panel. Photo courtesy of Guardian Security Systems

Frank Close began his foray into managed access control when he “failed” in being able to deliver what a client needed. “We sold a security system for three doors with keypads, based on what the customer told us they could afford. We were trying to design it for that amount and I met with them, but we realized it just didn’t make any sense. At the time we had just had a sales call with Brivo and I said to the client, ‘If money was no object, would this solution work?’”

Without any training or background in this type of system, Close, who is CEO of Guardian Security Systems Inc., Seattle, and his team took the leap and installed it for this customer as a beta trial, and the rest is history. “Our failure taught us that there was a huge customer need out there,” he says.

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