Home Alone? Video Surveillance and After School Monitoring

Depending on the circumstance and the state laws regarding the age children are able to left home alone, your child may need to be left home alone for brief periods of time. No matter how responsible your child or teen may be, a home security system can be the added tool parents need to keep things safe and under control.
More than just a way to protect your home against intruders, a home security system can also be a monitoring tool that helps keep track of your kids. Here are some ways a home security system can take the worry out of leaving the kids home alone:

Set Up Alerts

Many systems allow you to set up different user codes and send alerts to your phone when the code is used. This tool can help you know that the kids got home safely, or if they leave.

Use Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors are also very helpful in keeping track of what goes on when you are away. While door and window sensors keep your family safe by keeping intruders out, they can also be helpful in making sure kids stay home and out of harm’s way.

Make Certain Areas Off Limits

If you have rooms or cupboards that pose a safety hazard to young people home alone, make those areas off limits with door alarms.

Use Video Surveillance

Even if you can’t be home, you can still keep an eye on things using video surveillance systems. If all you need to know is that your child made it home safely, a camera covering the door may be sufficient. If the kids need a bit more supervision, cameras covering the interior of the home can be a real asset.
A home security system is a multi-purpose tool in keeping your family safe. Many times, users are not aware of the many tools and functions that they can use to leverage the system to the fullest advantage. If you have questions about how you can use your system more effectively, call us today.

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