Why Should You Upgrade to Video Verification?

If you are considering your options in home or business security, you have probably found that there are far more choices than you had anticipated. One of those decisions includes whether or not to opt in to video verification.

The home and business security industry is in the midst of a huge surge of technological advances, adding incredible new dimensions of capabilities to security systems. One of those areas, video verification, offers major advantages to home and business owners, law enforcement agencies, monitoring stations and insurance companies.

False Alarm Reduction

Studies show that security systems reduce the occurrence of crime. Because of the effectiveness in preventing crime, an increasing number of people are opting in to security technologies. These systems, by their nature are sensitive and failure to use them properly can result in false alarms. Law enforcement agencies must sort out and prioritize each call according to the degree and kind of emergency, and false alarms can slow this process.

One of the significant advantages of video verification is the role it plays in reducing false alarms. When an alarm is triggered, video verification provides visual proof of the nature of the emergency, and rules out false alarms.

Video Verification is Important in Emergency Response

As law enforcement agencies become increasingly overburdened, they look to video verification to help determine the nature of emergencies and to help them respond appropriately. When an emergency occurs which trips an alarm, the signal and video goes to the monitoring station who then immediately notifies authorities. If a crime is video verified, law enforcement is able to treat it as a crime in progress. This helps increase response time and the rate of apprehension.


Increased Safety

Since law enforcement can respond more quickly and appropriately to video verified emergencies, this increases the user’s safety. Fast and informed conformation of a crime means more criminals are apprehended if they commit and fewer are likely to take the chance in the first place.

About Guardian Security Systems

Today’s security systems must do more. Video verification allows you to use your security system to its fullest capacity. If you have any questions about video verification, please give us a call. Whether you need a one camera system, or several hundred, we have the solution. With video verification, both you and the authorities have the information you need. Let our experience be the difference in your security solution.

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