Ex-Burglar Confessions: What Burglars Hate to See

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Sometimes, reformed burglars are asked to give tips on preventing break-ins, including information on what they used as opportunities vs. what they were deterred by. In this case, our tips are based on what dissuades burglars – those things they hate to see when they attempt to break in. Those things include:

Secured Entrances

One in three residential burglaries are simple “unlawful entries,” which means the criminal enters the home via an unsecured window or door. Sadly, it’s easy to accidentally facilitate unlawful entry by forgetting to lock up when you’re in a rush to leave.

How can you make sure a burglar finds what he hates to see instead: secured home entries? With a smart home security system that lets you lock the door with your smart phone app from anywhere. This can even close your garage door, which is another home entrance that’s vulnerable to burglars.

Homeowners Staying Home

Burglars who know their stuff will stake out a house for days to see what the occupants’ patterns are. That way, they can be sure to strike at the right time. You might think of it as them “working” the same hours you are. This is why the vast majority of burglaries happen during the day. Does that mean you need to be home in order to avoid a burglary? Absolutely not! With a smart home security system, you can reduce the risk of being targeted while you’re at work. You’ll know instantly about any unusual activity at home when you’re not there, and your video alerts can even show you what’s happening.

And Of Course…

Burglars hate security systems. In fact, one study of convicted burglars revealed that 83 percent of them check for home security systems when looking for houses to target – and 60 percent say they avoid homes as soon as they determine there’s a security system. That’s powerful data you can trust.

Take it from ex-burglars: Home security systems work, especially when powered by smart home security. Seattle homeowners who have questions on making the most of home security technology, please call Guardian Security for more information.

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