House Fire Hazards You May Have Overlooked

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Seattle home security customers: When was the last time you thought about the fire hazards in your home? Some of the obvious ones, like the fire risks from the stove and fireplace, may be things we think about often. On the other hand, there are fire risks that people give little to any thought about – and those are the risks that can wreak the most havoc if a fire breaks out. Those risks include the:

Electrical wires in your home. Behind your walls, there are bunches of wires that power your home’s lights and electrical features. If one of those wires malfunctions, a fire can break out easily. To keep this from happening, you can install arc-fault circuit interrupters, which detect electric arcs that could be dangerous in your wires. This is especially important for older homes.

Combustible materials in the garage. In the garage, there can be any number of flammable substances: from oil spills on the floor to fertilizers and household chemicals. If any of these materials comes in contact with a spark from a fire, the entire thing can ignite. That’s why it’s crucial to clean up any spills in the garage and refrain from smoking or lighting anything in that risky area of the home.

The lint from your dryer. Dryer lint is…well, dry. Combine that with the electricity that emanates from your clothes dryer, and you have the recipe for a dangerous house fire. To minimize this risk at your home, clean the lint trap every time you remove clothes from the dryer. Additionally, fire experts recommend hiring an appliance repair service to clean out the cabinet of the dryer periodically. The lint trap does not catch everything; there is still lint inside the dryer cabinet, and it can always be a fire risk.

These are some of the house fire risks homeowners may overlook, but they are some of the most hazardous. To reduce the risk of property damage from a house fire, we want all Seattle home security customers to take advantage of our fire protection services as well.

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