Tips for Selecting a Home Security Pass Code

Keeping your home secure begins with choosing and protecting a strong pass code. Naturally, you want it to be one you can remember, but not one that others can figure out. Choosing an easily guessed pass code is very similar to leaving a key under your mat. It is an invitation to thieves to disarm your system and gain entry without having to worry about setting it off. Thieves are good at what they do and have many tricks for figuring out your pass codes.Not surprisingly, the need to be memorable leads many people to create codes that make their system vulnerable. Here are some tips for choosing secure pass codes, and avoiding the mistakes that thieves love.

Do Not Reuse Pass Codes across Different Platform

Never use codes used for other things, such as bank codes or computers pass codes as your home security system code. Though the two might be unrelated, using them for more than one thing makes both vulnerable.

Do Not Choose Birthdates

One of the most common codes people use are birthdates. It seems to make sense because they are a short series of numbers that are easily remembered. However, if the thieve lives nearby they may have an indication of when there is a birthday based on activity at the home and can guess dates based on that information.

Do Not Use Former Addresses

Using the numbers from a place you once lived is another common mistake. The numbers are already in your memory back and easily recalled. It also seems like it would be difficult for a thief to guess the numbers. While guessing them is hard, finding them is not. Thieves have access to the internet from smartphones just like almost everyone else and can simply look up the name or address to access information that leads them to lists of former addresses connected to the current residents.

Do Not Use Special Dates

Special dates like anniversaries also seem like a great idea which is why many people choose them. But the fact that they are commonly used makes them one worth trying. All the thief needs to do is search your name, then marriage records which can be done in less than a minute from any internet connected device.

Do Not Use Phone Numbers or Zip Codes

Because we all have so many numbers to remember, one common practice is using a phone number or zip code as a pass code. It is better just to avoid using either.

Do Not Use Numbers in Sequence

Numbers in sequence are easy to remember which is why people commonly use them for pass codes. The down side to using them is that they are easy to guess. Never use repeating or sequential numbers such as 111111, 1234, 4321 or similar sequences.

Once You Have a Pass Code, Keep it Safe

Your home security system relies on the strength and security of your pass code, so it is important to keep it as private as possible. Never share it publicly or unnecessarily. Use guest codes for babysitters or others that need to enter the home while you are away. Change the pass code as needed and periodically to keep it safe.

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