A New Standard for Smoke Detectors

Stassa Hansen

A new standard has been established for smoke detection: UL 268. Issued by UL, the company that maintains global safety certifications, this is a regulation that sets a higher standard for smoke detector manufacturers. By complying, makers of the smoke detectors you use in your home or business will be providing earlier detection of dangerous smoke levels in the air – and that’s only the beginning. It was also designed to:

Introduce a new test for nuisance alarms

These new requirements will introduce a brand new nuisance alarm test. This will make smoke detectors able to differentiate between fast-moving/smoldering fires (which are truly dangerous), and “deceptive phenomenon” like kitchen smoke from cooking or baking (which is merely a nuisance). That means fewer false alarms from burning cookies or rising steam!

Improve overall occupant safety

The new regulations introduce two new polyurethane foam tests for smoldering and flaming fires. This is critical in commercial buildings like hotels and healthcare facilities, where furnishings often contain highly flammable polyurethane foam and synthetic materials. When ignition of these materials is detected sooner, everyone inside can flee to safety more quickly.

Better represent the smoke profiles and behavior of modern building fires

The new standard will also ensure that the next generation of smoke detectors will be designed to intelligently respond to the most common smoke and fire patterns. Whether a fire is at home or in a public building, this can give building occupants more time to evacuate to safety.

All UL-certified smoke detectors will be required to meet the enhanced requirements by the year 2020. This represents a major change we can get behind, and we think our customers will appreciate it as well. To inquire about fire safety equipment and intelligent smoke detectors, Seattle residents can contact Guardian Security. We will be glad to schedule a free fire safety consultation at your home or business.

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