Are You Maintaining the Health of Your Fire Alarm System? Don’t Wait Until it Flatlines.

Bob Vezzani
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Fire alarm systems help protect people, property and assets. But just like in our own health, there are many things about the health status of your system can’t be learned just by looking at it. The fire alarm system, like all life and security systems, is comprised of specialized electronics and components that can become damaged or degrade over time. Dust and other contaminates can enter the system and cause problems, and smoke detectors are especially vulnerable.

Business fire alarm systems work 24/7 to protect lives and protect your assets, but you can only count on them if you know they are in proper working order. The only way to know their health and operational status is by having it professionally inspected, serviced, and tested.

Here are seven critical reasons for opting in to faire alarm inspections.

  1. It saves lives. A properly working fire alarm provides the earliest possible warning to danger.
  2. It is required to be in compliance. In order to be in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association 72 standards, you must have your system professionally tested.
  3. Meet insurance requirements. In the event of a fire, insurance agencies want proof of professional inspections. Without having had regular fire alarm system inspections, an insurance company most likely will not pay, or will not fully pay fire-damage claims.
  4. You may save money. Some insurance companies offer discounts if you can show proof of annual fire alarm system inspections.
  5. Some areas have additional laws that require businesses to have their systems regularly inspected and tested.
  6. It reduces nuisance alarms. Nuisance alarms waste fire department time and resources and doing all that you can to reduce them ensures that they are able to respond to real needs. Regular inspections and testing ensures the proper operating order of your system which reduces false or nuisance alarms.
  7. It is the law. The National Fire Alarm Code requires that your system be professionally tested.

As a business owner, you of course desire to take all the necessary—and mandated—steps to protect lives and property. Maintaining the health of your fire alarm system requires being proactive, and the skills of trained professionals able to spot and diagnose issues that could lead to system failures. Guardian Security is Washington’s leading systems integrator, and has been at the forefront of security for over 40 years. If you have any questions about fore systems or fire system inspections and integrations, give Guardian Security a call today.