The Top 3 Culprits In Most House Fires

Christopher Moye
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Although some parts of the country conclude their official “fire season” in September, it’s still important to remember that a fire can happen any time of the year – especially inside your home. In fact, fire risks are in places you may not have even considered. Take a look at the following culprits of fire risk, and then ask yourself: Could this start a fire in my home?

Electrical Wiring

Sometimes, we forget that the lights in our homes only work because there is a complex system of wires powering them from inside our walls. When you think about it that way, it seems a lot more likely that your electrical wiring could cause a fire in your home. The most common reason for it is faulty connections, which causes nearly 50,000 house fires in the United States annually. To reduce this risk, replace any outdated wiring and install arc-fault circuit interrupters, which detect any potentially dangerous electric arcs.

Dryer Lint

Do you clean off your lint trap every time you remove clothes from the dryer? You should, because dryer lint is highly flammable and the electricity of the dryer can easily ignite it. In fact, you should also hire a professional appliance maintenance provider to clean out your dryer cabinet at least once every two years. Why? Because your lint trap does not catch everything, and a fire can start even if the trap is clean.

Oil Leaks

If you have a car that you keep parked in the garage, it could be a fire hazard if it tends to leak out oil. Oil leaks can ignite with a small spark, even one that comes from a cigarette lighter or matches. The fix for this is to repair any oil leaks on the vehicle and to avoid using lighters and matches in the garage at all times.

These are just some of the fire risks that may be present in the home. Fortunately, there is a way to remedy each one – but even after you have done these things, it’s still critical to have monitored fire protection integrated into your home security system.

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