Smart Home Security Means Safer Afterschool Experiences

Home Security provides safer after school time for your kids

Back to school time is almost here, and it’s a time when many parents start talking about whether the young ones can stay home alone in the afternoons. If the answer to the question of staying home unaccompanied is a “yes,” then here are some ways we can help make those afterschool hours a safer time for your home’s most precious occupants.

Giving You a Unobtrusive Connection

Moms and dads want to see what’s happening in the house when they aren’t there, but older kids make no bones about the fact that they want their privacy. Implementing smart home technology in your security system can help you achieve both goals, with options like:

  • Doorbell cameras that parents can check on to be sure kids are coming home on time
  • Motion sensors for off-limits areas, so parents receive an alert if a child gets too close to an adults-only cabinet, room or shed
  • A security system that sends an alert to parents if the alarm is triggered in the home

It’s a quiet connection to what’s happening at home, without trespassing on your tweens.

Giving Them Keyless Entry

It’s called being a “latchkey kid” for a reason: the key has to be latched to the child or it’s bound to get lost. Parents who have to run home to unlock the door are frustrated, kids are embarrassed, and the experience begins to lose its appeal for both of you. But a smart home system can remove that worry.

With smart home security, kids can have keyless entry into the home with a numeric code that can easily be remembered. And although parents should always make sure children keep the entry code private, rest assured that it can be changed if for some reason it is ever shared.

For parents giving their kids the independent afterschool experience for the first time, a smart home system can be a respite from the worries of previous generations. To learn more, contact Guardian Security to request a complimentary smart home security consultation.

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