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Jan 24 2024

Guardian Security 2024 Kickoff at Top Golf

On January 16th , Guardian Security held a 2024 Kickoff Event for our Sales Teams at our local Top Golf. The event kicked off with a reflective look back at the ...
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Jan 17 2024

Guardian’s New Year Resolutions

As we usher in a new year, Guardian Security Systems, Inc. is thrilled to share our bold resolutions for 2024. Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction has led us to embark on initiatives that not only fortify our security services, but also enrich our interactions with you, our esteemed clients. Join us on this journey as we unveil our resolutions aimed at elevating your Guardian experience.
Guardian Security End of Year Highlights

Dec 28 2023

Guardian Security Core Values Highlights of 2023

As a residential and commercial security company serving Washington state since 1976, we at Guardian Security relish every year that we continue to provide service to homes and businesses throughout the region.
Our Community Service this Holiday Season

Dec 11 2023

Our Community Service this Holiday Season

Every year, our Guardian Security branches throughout Washington state take place in holiday service projects to benefit their local communities. This year, each branch has chosen its own activity to benefit these specific organizations. 

Nov 22 2023

Happy Thanksgiving from Guardian Security

We at Guardian Security wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving this year! It may surprise you to learn that our company actually came to be because of an annual Thanksgiving turkey tradition. We hope you enjoy our own Guardian Security Thanksgiving origin story. 

May 25 2023

How Access Control Transforms Security Overnight

If an organization has been the target of a crime, stakeholders may feel like there’s no time to waste when it comes to boosting onsite security. By installing a cloud-based access control system at your Washington state enterprise, that can be accomplished. If your organization has experienced any of these increasingly common security breaches, access…

May 9 2023

How Access Control Accomplishes More for Your Organization

Traditional keys are being phased out as more organizations are choosing to manage their building security with electronic access control. Washington state enterprises can accomplish the following security goals by transitioning from traditional keys to access control systems.  Managing Multiple Buildings With a cloud-based access control system, your building security services can be scalable. This…

May 5 2023

Reducing Springtime Crime with Video Surveillance in Washington State

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s common to see an uptick in crimes against businesses. Enterprises of all types are at risk of being targeted; this shifts the focus on turning profits by year’s end, to protecting those profits from springtime crime with video surveillance. Washington state businesses can use…

Apr 21 2023

Choosing Cloud Video Surveillance in Washington State

Choosing security cameras is only the beginning of protecting your business with video surveillance; the next step is choosing a storage method for your video. In previous eras, the most popular methods of storing security footage were digital video recorder (DVR) and network video recorder (NVR). Here is information on the difference between DVR and…
Why Add Video Verification to Your Business Security

Mar 27 2023

Why Add Video Verification to Your Business Security

As experts in electronic business security for Washington state, we have found that some of the most common challenges to business security can be solved with video verification. Video verification is a service that we highly recommend to our commercial customers; it's an additional step to alarm monitoring that can make a major impact on your security strategy. 
Alarm Ordinances in Washington State

Mar 27 2023

Alarm Ordinances in Washington State

Alarm ordinances are a reality of security system ownership. Authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) throughout Washington State, including cities and counties, have alarm ordinances in place to help them allocate law enforcement resources and minimize false alarms.
Seattle-based Guardian Security Systems on Wednesday announced it has closed on the acquisition of Absolute Security Alarms of Mountlake Terrace.

Feb 13 2023

Keeping it local: Large independent security company buys Mountlake Terrace competitor

Seattle-based Guardian Security Systems on Wednesday announced it has closed on the acquisition of Absolute Security Alarms of Mountlake Terrace.

Jan 30 2023

Winterizing Pipes in the Pacific Northwest

With historically cold winter weather upon us, these conditions remind us of the importance of winterizing our pipes to prevent them from freezing. Frozen pipes can lead to a flooded business, resulting in untold property damage and insurance headaches. 

Guardian Security Acquires Mountlake Terrace-based Absolute Security

Guardian Security Systems, the largest independently owned Washington State security company, got a little larger today by acquiring Mountlake Terrace-based Absolute Security, a strong and local independent security company. Family owned and in business since 2010, Absolute has grown to serve over 1600 residential and business customers in western Washington.
Protecting Your Business from a Holiday Fire

Dec 22 2022

Protecting Your Business from a Holiday Fire

For businesses that create a festive holiday atmosphere, there is an elevated risk of a fire breaking out during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are authoritative resources with tips to help you protect your business from these risks. Here’s what you should prioritize. 

Dec 15 2022

Giving Customers a Safer Shopping Experience

Whether it’s during the holidays or another busy shopping season, retail businesses have an obligation to provide customers the safest experience possible — from the moment they park their vehicle, to the time they exit the parking lot. Unfortunately, two Pacific Northwest metro areas are currently experiencing some of the highest auto theft rates in the country. If you operate a retail business, here's what you need to know. 

Dec 12 2022

Guardian Security Holiday Hours 2022

At Guardian Security, our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM through 4:30 PM — but during the holidays, we understand that customers could be impacted by any changes to our business hours. With that in mind, we’d like to fill you in on the slight adjustment to our business hours on specific holidays. 
Fighting Catalytic Converter Theft with Video Surveillance in Washington State

Dec 1 2022

Fighting Catalytic Converter Theft with Video Surveillance in Washington State

Catalytic converter theft has been rampant across the country for the past several years. During the onset of the pandemic, catalytic converter theft jumped by 325%, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). In 2022, more than a dozen states are introducing legislation to crack down on the crime in the past year. In March, Governor Inslee signed House Bill 1815 into Washington state law. 
Video Verification for Your Alarm System in Washington State

Nov 29 2022

Video Verification for Your Alarm System in Washington State

An alarm system may be the cornerstone of your security strategy, but there’s one more thing it needs to be as effective as possible: video verification, which can be added to an existing alarm system so that live video will be sent to our monitoring center in real time when your alarm signal is activated. Here are the ways adding video verification to your security can maximize the effectiveness of your alarm system. 
Preventing Business Theft & Vandalism at Halloween

Oct 27 2022

Preventing Business Theft & Vandalism at Halloween

Every year, insurance companies see an increase in claims in the days following Halloween, due to the theft and vandalism that tends to happen around the holiday. Travelers Insurance notes a 68% increase in vandalism claims around Halloween compared to all other days of the year. They also note a Halloween uptick in crimes like theft (8%) and mysterious disappearance of items (5%). Here are some ways you can minimize your Halloween related risks as a business owner. 
Best Uses for Access Control in the Pacific Northwest

Oct 4 2022

Best Uses for Access Control in the Pacific Northwest

Access control systems have set a new standard for properties of all types. Here are some of the best, and fastest growing, uses for access control in the Pacific Northwest. 

Oct 1 2022

Video Surveillance to Protect Pacific Northwest Retailers from Slip and Fall Fraud

Slip and fall liability claims are nothing new, but data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows there is an increase in potentially fraudulent slip and fall claims since the onset of the pandemic. Now more than ever, quality video surveillance can help protect Pacific Northwest businesses from suspicious slip and fall claims. Here’s what you need to know, and how proper video surveillance coverage can protect retailers. 
Fire Alarm Inspections in Washington State

Sep 4 2022

Fire Alarm Inspections in Washington State

The requirements for fire alarm inspections in Washington State are strict for both commercial and government buildings. Fortunately, staying in compliance and up to code is easy with Guardian Security as your trusted resource. We’re more than an alarm monitoring provider; we’re also certified for fire alarm and building inspections per NFPA Standard 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. 
Home Security How-to Tips

Aug 19 2022

Bellingham Branch Manager Gives Home Security How-to Tips on Local Radio

With the increase of home break-ins and property crimes nationally and locally, homeowners have a variety of specific home security concerns right now. To address some of the most pressing issues on their minds, our Bellingham branch operations manager, Konrad Kocsis, stopped by the Whatcom Report program on KGMI News with host Mary Kay Robinson. Here are some of the topics they discussed.

Aug 15 2022

Washington Wildfire Season 2022 Updates

Washington Wildfire Season continues its streak across the state this August. To get frequently updated information on wildfires in Washington state and important evacuation information, visit these resources

Jul 19 2022

How an Access Control System Helps You Enjoy Your Vacation More

Business owners work hard all year long to take a single vacation in the summer. If you’re getting away for a few days in July or August, you need tools that help you stay connected to what’s going on at your business location. 

Jul 15 2022

A Guide to Washington Wildfire Season

Last year’s wildfire season in Washington state began early in March, and it was a devastating one. By this time last year, 630 wildfires had already happened in the state. By the time the 2021 season ended in October, there were 1,900 fires in Washington that had burned 674,249 acres. 

Jul 10 2022

Business Security Technology for Your Busy Season

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, the pleasant weather gives way to a busy season where tourists and locals flood businesses with their patronage. It’s a profitable time, but it’s also a time of heightened security concerns. If you operate a business that benefits from an influx of customers in the summer, Guardian Security has you covered. Here’s what we encourage businesses to leverage during the busy summer season. 

Jun 22 2022

Guardians of the County Bed Race Team 2022

Employees of Guardian Security will once again participate as a team in the Family Promise of Whatcom County Bed Race, an annual event that raises money to support children and their families experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County. 

Jun 16 2022

Home Security that Supports Homeowners and Law Enforcement

In a time when many police departments throughout the state are experiencing officer staffing shortages, it’s especially important to have competent home security technology that’s monitored by a provider located in Washington.  Guardian Security can be that provider. Here’s how our alarm monitoring and home security services can support both homeowners and law enforcement throughout Washington state. 

Jun 1 2022

King County Alarm Ordinances and Verification

King County is the most populous county in Washington state and home to the state’s most populous city, Seattle. For this reason, we want to place special emphasis on understanding the alarm ordinances in King County, and how they affect property owners in the county with alarm monitoring services. 

May 20 2022

What Access Control Solutions Can Do this Summer

Some years, the relaxed lifestyle and warmer weather of summer can usher in heightened levels of crime. Law enforcement departments around the country are gearing up for a busy summer of crime fighting this year, and the police departments of Washington state are no exception. As one Seattle police lieutenant said recently, "We always see an uptick in violent crime in summer months, so we’ve come to expect that." 

Apr 22 2022

Green Initiatives for Earth Day 2022

At Guardian Security, our plan for 2022 included a commitment to continuing our environmental business practices.
financial analyst

Apr 7 2022

Guardian Security is Seeking to Hire a Financial Analyst

Guardian Security Systems, Inc. is seeking a Financial Analyst! This is a new role at our Company and will report directly to the CFO. The position is full-time and can be based out of any of our offices (Seattle, Bellingham, Tacoma, and Yakima). We are open to hybrid and remote (Pacific Time) work options as well.

Mar 30 2022

Seattle Alarm Ordinances and Verification

If your property is in Seattle, it’s important to know the Seattle alarm ordinances that govern the way law enforcement will respond to your alarm signal. The Seattle Police Department is burdened by 11,000 false alarms per year, placing an undue drain on their resources in a time of heightened crime, homelessness and other priorities. Because of this, it’s critical that everyone in the city does their part to minimize the occurrence of false alarms. In addition, property owners want to do all they can to prevent themselves from incurring false alarm fines from the city. 

Mar 30 2022

What is Enhanced Call Verification?

Enhanced call verification, or ECV, is a code found in the alarm ordinances of various authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), such as a city or county. If an AHJ has the ECV code in their alarm ordinance, that means enhanced call verification must take place before law enforcement will respond to an alarm signal dispatch. When a resident’s alarm signal is triggered, the city requires the alarm monitoring provider to verify the emergency by making two phone calls before they dispatch police to the location of the alarm. 

Mar 9 2022

Supply Chain Solutions for Alarm Equipment Delays

The impact of the nationwide supply chain crisis has been severe on the electronic security industry. Experts in our field have forecasted that the delays on inventory could last well into 2022, and possibly longer. For many alarm equipment dealers, lag times for popular brands have been up to six months. Fortunately, we have good news at Guardian Security. 

Mar 3 2022

Yakima Alarm Ordinances and Verification

Alarm ordinances in Washington state are different in every city, with each Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ, typically a city or county) having license to enforce their own rules for how security alarm signals are treated by law enforcement. This is a necessary measure to align alarm ordinances with each city or county.

Feb 28 2022

AES Radio for Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring in Washington State

All commercial buildings are required to have a monitored fire alarm system installed. For high quality commercial fire alarm monitoring in Washington state or elsewhere, mesh radio technology provides the best signal communication. Find out what mesh radio alarm monitoring is and why we believe it’s the best choice for monitoring your commercial fire alarm. 

Feb 22 2022

The 3G Network On Your Alarm Panel is Expiring. Contact Us Today!

As cellular technology continues to progress, cellular providers such as AT&T and Verizon will be phasing out the 3G cellular network on which your system currently communicates. As the network is decommissioned, the strength of your alarm transmissions will become increasingly unreliable until your system no longer communicates.

Feb 17 2022

Kennewick Alarm Ordinances and Verification

Because code requirements for alarm signals vary from city to city in Washington state, it’s the responsibility of every homeowner who has a monitored security system installed to know the ordinances of their specific town. 

Feb 9 2022

How Video Verification of Your Alarm Signal Works

For effective crime intervention and the most robust intrusion detection possible, we recommend alarm verification through our video verification service. Guardian Security delivers video verification to establishments throughout Washington state. Here is what this alarm verification service involves, and how it can deeply enhance the security of your property. 

Feb 8 2022

Bellingham Alarm Ordinances and Verification

Did you know that the code requirements for alarm signals vary by municipality? In Washington state, each Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), such as a city or county, is expected to adopt their own processes for handling security alarm signals. Because occurrences of false alarms and the nature of emergencies can vary by area, it’s important to know what your local AHJ’s own procedures are for law enforcement response to alarm signals. 

Jan 31 2022

Interactive Security from Any Location

Even if you’re among the most dedicated business owners or managers, you simply can’t be everywhere at once. With our interactive security platform, you don’t have to be. The idea behind our Interactive Services for businesses is to help businesses like yours send the message that, "The boss is always in." This makes a major impact on your security, but it also improves employee productivity and helps to smooth out the everyday wrinkles in any busy enterprise. 

Jan 12 2022

Integrating Brivo Access Control and Eagle Eye Cameras

Often, the key to a successful security solution is connectivity between various devices. In order for devices with different purposes to work together seamlessly, this connectivity is necessary. It’s a process that we in the electronic security space call integration, and many of our manufacturer partners make it a high priority. Currently, two of those partners are taking the industry by storm with the success of their product integration: Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks. 

Jan 3 2022

New Year, New Security Solutions

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to examine where there may be gaps in the electronic security you have onsite. Once you identify what you need, we can provide solutions. Here are some examples of security solutions you may be lacking, and how your business can benefit from them in 2022. 

Dec 13 2021

Business Activity Analytics Powered by

Small to mid-sized businesses of all types are now making data-driven decisions using business intelligence and insights. For businesses in the Pacific Northwest, Guardian Security can help deliver enlightening business intelligence powered by Business Activity Analytics. 

Dec 13 2021

Fighting Small Business Burglary During the Holidays

Washington state is not immune to the business burglary crime wave sweeping the nation this holiday season. In Everett last week, an arrest was made after police pieced together evidence from 30 burglary cases that happened within one mile of each other.

Dec 6 2021

Preventing a Holiday Fire at Your Business

For business owners who plan to decorate for the holidays, the same holiday fire risks faced by homeowners are also a reality at their businesses. To help protect your business from a holiday fire disaster, follow these tips from the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). 

Nov 22 2021

Mary’s Place Seattle: Making Sure No Child Sleeps Outside

This holiday season, Guardian Security is supporting Mary’s Place, a Seattle-based organization that has provided safe, inclusive shelter and services for homeless women, children and families since 1999. 

Nov 16 2021

Guardian Security Holiday Hours and Reminders

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM through 4:30 PM — but the holidays are just around the corner, and we understand that customers could be impacted by any changes to our business hours. With that in mind, we’d like to fill you in on the slight adjustment to our business hours on specific holidays. 

Nov 1 2021

Guardians of the County Bed Race Team

Guardian Security is incredibly proud of our employees who have participated in the Family Promise of Whatcom County Bed Race, an annual event that raises money to support children and their families experiencing homelessness in Whatcom County.

Nov 1 2021

Guardian Sponsors Washington State Association of Fire Marshals Conference

On October 22, Guardian Security was a sponsor of the 2021 Fire Prevention Institute at Campbell’s Resort at Lake Chelan, otherwise known as the Washington State Association of Fire Marshals (WSAFM) conference. 

Oct 26 2021

Preventing and Capturing Halloween Crime

This year’s Halloween is another cautious one in terms of COVID precautions. In many cities, kids will once again be adding masks to their costumes, and parents will be making sure everyone stays socially distanced during the door-to-door fun.

Oct 19 2021

Video Verification Saves the Day

We always appreciate success stories, and this one comes from a customer who recently had her first video system installed. It’s a testament to the power of video verification, an affordable add-on that can get the police to your property faster when live video of your event verifies it as a crime in progress. 

Oct 7 2021

National Fire Prevention Week in Washington State

It’s National Fire Prevention Week, an important annual event that focuses on a different aspect of fire prevention and safety. This year’s campaign theme, "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety," focuses on the sounds that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors make and what you need to do when those sounds happen. 

Oct 4 2021

Our Compliance with Washington State Vaccine Mandates

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has initiated a series of proclamations requiring workers in a variety of environments to be vaccinated against COVID. The mandates, which go into effect on October 18, will affect many workplaces, including school districts and healthcare settings.  

Sep 8 2021

Boosting Security for the 2021-22 School Year

Districts throughout Washington state are quickly approaching the first day of school — so in this time of ongoing COVID concerns, this is the last call for campuses to ensure they have the adequate security needed to reopen safely. 

Aug 25 2021

Last Call for Summer Vacation: Keeping Things Safe and Sound at Home

It’s your last call for summer vacation, and who knows what the future holds in terms of travel restrictions. If you’re heading out of the house for a few days while there’s still time, you deserve a getaway that’s free from any home security concerns. Fortunately, we have smart home technology that can help. Here’s what it empowers you to do from your vacation destination. 
Smart Home Security

Aug 12 2021

Back to Work? Make Sure the House is Covered

Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to take some time off in June or July — but before you know it, the lazy days of summer will be over. If that’s the case for you – or, you’re just now heading back to the office after working from home due to COVID – then it’s time to make sure the security on your home is covered before going back. If your home security is lacking any of these important features, we recommend adding them before going back to work.

Jul 27 2021

As Wildfire Season Begins, Guardian Security Partners with Washington State Fire Marshals

In Washington state, wildfire season begins in July and continues all the way through the return of the Northwest rains in September.

Jul 23 2021

National Night Out is Back in Washington for 2021

The annual National Night Out, a community/police partnership event that promotes anti-crime programs in communities on the first Tuesday in August, is back for 2021 after a one-year hiatus during the pandemic. With the exception of 2020, this annual event has been enjoyed by Americans every year since 1984.
Smart Home

Jul 8 2021

Buying a Home? Make it a Smart One

There’s a homebuying boom going on nationwide and throughout the Pacific Northwest. All over Washington state, prices continue to rise and inventory stays down — which means that homes are coming off the market as quickly as they’re going up. 

Jul 8 2021

Enjoy a Smarter, Safer Summer

There’s nothing like summer fun, but enjoying it to the fullest requires a serious commitment to safety. Enjoy a smarter, safer summer this year with these tips to avoid some of summer’s most prevalent dangers. 

Jun 16 2021

Celebrating Juneteenth 2021

Juneteenth (short for "June Nineteenth") marks an important day in American history: June 19, 1865. This is when Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to ensure the emancipation of all enslaved people. 
Cloud-based video surveillance

Jun 10 2021

What Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Means for You

Everyone knows the cloud is the future of data storage — but for the average business owner, what are the practical benefits of shifting your video surveillance storage to the cloud? When you choose our cloud-based video surveillance solution, Eagle Eye VMS, here’s what you can look forward to. 
Police car

Jun 1 2021

An Intruder Just Broke Into Your Store. How Fast Will The Police Come?

Because around 98% of alarm activations at businesses turn out to be false alarms, police departments make business alarms very low in priority. If you’ve ever been fined by your city for a false alarm, you know how serious local departments are about curbing them. They’re a huge drain on police resources, during a time in which departments are already suffering. 
Access Control

Jun 1 2021

How Access Control and Video Surveillance Go Hand-in-Hand

After the heightened security risks of last year and the cultural shift toward social distancing , access control systems are more popular than ever.
Cop with police car

Jun 1 2021

Updates to False Alarm Fines and Ordinances for Kitsap County

On March 22, Kitsap County implemented a new ordinance that requires intrusion alarms to be verified for law enforcement dispatch. The acceptable methods are audio, video and in-person verification. Please continue reading for information.
Siemens Award

May 5 2021

Guardian Earns Siemens Fire Partners 2020 Best Overall Performance Pacific Northwest Territory Award

Guardian Security is proud to announce that we earned the Siemens Fire Partners 2020 Best Overall Performance Pacific Northwest Territory award!
Video Verification

May 3 2021

Video Verification: Taking Business Security To A New Level

As every business owner who’s ever faced an intrusion crime knows, the quicker response is the better response. That’s why priority response processes, especially video verification, are so widely embraced by law enforcement. 
Fire Safety

Apr 27 2021

Fire Safety 101 for Businesses in Eastern Washington

Operating a business requires you to comply with a variety of state and local laws, including fire codes. There are numerous challenges business owners in Eastern Washington may face when it comes to implementing fire and life safety systems for their buildings. But in order to keep customers and employees safe, these challenges must be…

Mar 19 2021

How to Receive High Priority Police Dispatch for Your Business in Washington State

Did you know that 98% of business alarm activations are false? Police are aware of that statistic, and that's why traditional alarms are no longer high priority for most departments.
Video Verification

Feb 28 2021

Video Verification: Surveillance Has Evolved

Video verification systems from Guardian Security reduce wasted time and money by you and the authorities chasing down the culprits and gathering evidence. Video doesn't lie, and that means less discussion and more decisive action when your home or business has been burglarized.
Office Automation and Security

Feb 20 2021

The Essential Quick Guide to Office Automation and Security

Over time, business security solutions become smarter and more secure as the dynamic nature of business environments continually changes. The latest smart offices enhance security, improve productivity, and streamline business processes. Here’s a quick guide to office automation and security.
National Burn Awareness Week

Feb 12 2021

National Burn Awareness Week: Keeping Kids Safe from Fireplaces

During the winter months, it’s always convenient to have a fireplace in your home. But your fireplace can also be a dangerous hazard to your kids. The glass of your fireplace can cause serious burns. Please take a moment to learn these safety tips from our friends at

Feb 5 2021

Plan Ahead for Winter Safety

As winter storms approach, we’d like to remind you to prepare ahead of time in order to stay safe at home and on the road. From checking your smoke alarms, to preparing for power outages and more, the Seattle Fire Department has some timely tips and advice for staying safe and warm during this upcoming…
Physical Security

Feb 2 2021

How to Assess and Improve Physical Security for Your Office in 2021

Physical security in the workplace is now more important than ever, as violence is on the rise across the country. It’s imperative that you ensure the security of your business and that employees and visitors are safe. Here is a simple guide on how to assess and improve the physical security of your office this year.

Jan 30 2021

Why Update Your Access Control?

A lot has changed in commercial security over the years. One of those is the advent of technology that controls building entry; with electronic access control, the key business security is now actually keyless. But early access control models are quickly becoming outmoded, with new, cloud-based technology replacing it that offers a variety of advantages. Those advantages include:
seattle smart home security

Jan 27 2021

Critical Smart Home Security Features You Can’t Live Without

You can make this year the safest year yet, with a home that’s secure and a family that feels protected. Investing in a smart home security system is a great start toward making this happen. Here are some of the items you should look for in this new, upgraded system. 
home alarm companies in Yakima, seattle,bellingham Tacoma

Jan 14 2021

The Ultimate Crime Fighting Duo: Home Alarm Systems & Your Dog

Smart home security should work for every member of the family, and that includes your pets. Here are some ways your system and your pets can go hand-in-hand to make home smarter and safer.
Martin Luther King

Jan 14 2021

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr Day celebrates the life and legacy of Baptist minister and social activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. He played a primary role in the American Civil Rights movement from the middle of the 1950s until his assassination on April 4, 1968.
burglar alarm systems seattle

Jan 7 2021

Ex-Burglar Confessions: What Burglars Hate to See

Sometimes, reformed burglars are asked to give tips on preventing break-ins, including information on what they used as opportunities vs. what they were deterred by. In this case, our tips are based on what dissuades burglars – those things they hate to see when they attempt to break in. Those things include:
Home Security for the Holidays

Dec 16 2020

Home Security for a Safer Holiday Season

Now more than ever, we all deserve a festive, peaceful and safe holiday season. Here are some ways we can use our home security technology to facilitate the secure environment we all want for our families during the holidays. 
Workplace safety

Dec 16 2020

4 Ways Employers Can Create a Safer Workplace

In this time of COVID concerns, we're all thinking about safety. However, there are other safety concerns to keep in mind at work as well. Every seven seconds, an American is injured in the workplace. This is unfortunate — but what's even more unfortunate is the fact that the accidents, hazards and other dangers that lead to workplace injuries are largely preventable. As an employer, you can do your part by implementing and following these basic workplace safety protocols. 
Packages on front porch

Dec 10 2020

Deterring Holiday Porch Pirates with Smart Video

During the holiday season, criminals know that stealing packages from porches is one of the easiest crimes to pull off. It takes less than one minute for a thief to enter your porch, confiscate your package, and zoom off in their escape vehicle. And after they hit your house, they are likely to target one of your neighbors next. But this holiday season, you can deter porch pirates by using smart video technology. Here are some things to know about smart video.
Security Technology Investments

Dec 7 2020

3 Security Technology Investments for 2021

For retailers looking ahead to 2021, budgets may be tightened and the need to maximize ROI will be critical. But because threats of theft, burglary and violence surged in 2020, it’s also critical for retailers to continue making investments in security technology. Here are three suggestions that retailers can consider as they prioritize their budgets for next year. 
Business Security

Oct 28 2020

Taking Your Business to the Next Security Level

Inconveniences come as a normal part of running a business, so it’s easy to become used to them. But security systems can be a source of convenience, making your life and role as a business owner much easier. An intelligent security system can even increase efficiency and enhance security. So, how is smart business security different than old legacy security systems?

Oct 28 2020

Leading Security Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Guardian Security partners with DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) to bring you leading security services for the financial industry. Since DMP is one of the most trusted brands for financial institutions, they bring insight and understanding of the security needs for financial institutions that lead to solutions that work. Here are some of the important security solutions that financial institutions and businesses need that DMP leads in.
Painting Your Office

Oct 20 2020

Paint & Sprinkler Heads: Read This Before Painting Your Office

For facilities looking to remodel, redecorate, or revamp their look, repainting walls and ceilings is a standard "go-to" solution. A fresh coat of paint in a new color can make an old space look brand new again. Don’t let that fresh coat of paint create more challenges and costly headaches for you! In our experience, many facility managers, designers, and painters, while focused on the fresh look, miss the mark on safety compliance.
Woman using access control to building

Oct 9 2020

The Future of Access Control: Protecting Health and Safety

The year 2020 will go in the record books for everyone around the world. Businesses everywhere must adapt to the "new normal" that a global pandemic brings with it. The health and safety of visitors and employees are more important than ever, so companies are now turning their security systems as a solution, most importantly access control. Brivo’s access control helps you manage your business remotely from anywhere.

Oct 5 2020

Is It Time To Winterize Your Dry Sprinkler System?

It’s that time of the year again - the Autumn season is upon us, with winter right around the corner. Time to schedule an inspection of your dry sprinkler system? Guardian is here to help.

Oct 3 2020

A Quick Reference Guide to Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Use

If a fire erupted in your home or office, would you and your extinguisher be ready? Use this Guide and the answer will be yes. .

Oct 1 2020

The Top 3 Culprits In Most House Fires

Take a look at the following culprits of fire risk, and then ask yourself: Could this start a fire in my home?

Oct 1 2020

Reducing Security Risks with Video Surveillance Post-COVID-19

As of July 2020, 31.3 million people in the United States reported job losses as companies all over the nation were forced to shut down. One out of every four people employed worked from home, causing most businesses to find security solutions to keep operations efficient while overseeing them from afar. Intelligent video surveillance systems are the answer to COVID-19 related security problems and can reduce the negative effects of future pandemics and catastrophic events.

Sep 25 2020

Do I need to have my fire alarm system monitored?

The purpose of a fire alarm system is early detection, coupled with notification to all occupants to evacuate as well as notification to first responders. If a facility has a fire alarm system and does not have it monitored, what is the purpose of that fire alarm system when the business is closed up for the business day? Protection of a property when unoccupied is one of the primary functions of a fire alarm system.
Hands Free Workplace

Sep 1 2020

Security Considerations for Transitioning to a Hands-Free Workplace

The global COVID-19 pandemic requires companies everywhere to conduct business differently, as combating the spread of the virus becomes the number one goal to keep employees and visitors safe. When attempting to transition to a touchless workplace, there are several things to consider.

Aug 29 2020

How Access Control Ensures the Safety of Your Facility During and Post-COVID-19

As businesses worldwide settle in to the new normal, facilities are adapting procedures and policies to work efficiently while still protecting the health and safety of employees and visitors. COVID-19 has changed the threat landscape by adding an invisible threat.
5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Video Cameras for a More Secure Future

Aug 18 2020

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Video Cameras for a More Secure Future

Businesses have the significant responsibility of safeguarding property and employees as well as visitors while overseeing daily operations. A video surveillance system is your second set of eyes to watch over things when you’re busy doing other important business activities.
Heat Detectors

Aug 4 2020

Edwards Recalls Mechanical Heat Detectors Due to Failure to Alert to Fire

This is an important notice that Edwards Fire Safety recalled their Edwards Mechanical Heat Detectors. The specific recall is for issues affecting the 135F heat detectors. Per Edwards, the heat detectors may fail to activate when temperatures rise, posing a significant risk of failure to alert people of a fire.

Jul 27 2020

Guardian Continues to Provide Outstanding Service Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause problems for businesses world-wide, Guardian Security continues to help our customers navigate the challenges of a different work environment. We’re dedicated to finding the best solutions and helping businesses thrive during and after COVID-19. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our service.
Fire Systems Requirements Part 4

Jul 15 2020

Fire Systems Testing Requirements & Best Practices, Part 4

In this final installment of our best practices series for testing and reporting your fire protection system, we’ll address the use of reporting tools for your testing results. In Seattle, the required reporting tool for test results is The Compliance Engine (TCE).
Fire Systems Requirements Part 3

Jul 15 2020

Fire Systems Testing Requirements & Best Practices, Part 3

When maintaining a relationship with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), there are a variety of questions a building manager may have. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for staying compliant with your AHJ on matters of installation, testing and other requirements for your fire protection or public safety system. 
Fire Systems Requirements Part 2

Jul 15 2020

Fire Protection System Testing Requirements & Best Practices, Part 2

In this second installment of our best practices series for fire protection systems, we will address fire watch and impairments reporting.
Fire Systems Requirements Part 1

Jul 15 2020

Fire Protection System Testing Requirements and Best Practices, Part 1

Fire protection systems – such as fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems and standpipes – are a building's most important components for preserving lives and protecting property. Secondarily, emergency responder radio amplification systems such as bidirectional amplifiers (BDA) or distributed antenna systems (DAS) are of similar importance. In a building emergency, your BDA or DAS is the solution that provides safety to the first responders.

Jul 7 2020

Tax Incentives for Upgrading Your Fire Alarm System in Washington

It’s now more important than ever to find cost-effective solutions to maintain your fire protection and alarm systems. The COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and for many companies, it’s imperative to cut costs after the government forced businesses nationwide to shut down.
DIY Home Security

Jun 30 2020

Do It Yourself or Do It Together: Self Installed Home Security is Here!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, including shopping for home security systems. In an effort to make the process safer and more convenient, Guardian now has a DIY home security package for homeowners.

Jun 26 2020

COVID-19 Update from Guardian Security: Operating Safety

Guardian Security is closely following the state, county, and city mandates put into place by the Governor’s Safe Start reopening plan which can be accessed in full here.

Jun 19 2020


Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Liberation Day is a holiday celebrating the liberation of those who had been held as slaves in the United States. Today, we at Guardian Security would like to encourage people to take some time to learn about this important date in American history. Click here to…
Construction Restart

Jun 9 2020

Construction Restart and What it Means for Your Business

Many construction projects ground to a halt once COVID-19-related concerns gained momentum. As the states slowly start re-opening, you should carefully consider restarting construction as operations begin once again.
City Of Kirkland

May 8 2020

City of Kirkland Systems Testing Providers

The Kirkland Fire Department wants to update everyone about testing extensions due to the current COVID-19 Civil Emergency. King County Public Health suggests that testing companies should go by the following recommendation regarding testing procedures: King County COVID-19 Health Recommendations.
Access Control

Apr 30 2020

Access Control and the Occasional Guest: Why You Should Implement Guest Passes for Your Office

Access control is an excellent security system that integrates well with your existing security components and allows you to manage access to your business. Many businesses still use older legacy systems, and while the technology is improving, using pin codes, biometrics, and other methods can create unintended barriers for the occasional building guest.
Home security

Apr 30 2020

Wellcam: Keeping Your Family Safe and Connected When You Can’t Be There

Today’s world is different than the one we grew up in. Families are busier and more active, so it’s harder to visit parents and grandparents who don’t live close to us. As the current global events keep us further apart, we must rely on technology now more than ever. Security technology like's Wellcam helps us keep connected to our relatives when we can’t be there.
Fake Security Cameras

Apr 30 2020

Why Installing Fake Security Cameras is a Bad Idea

Let’s face it. Sometimes humans aren’t the brightest. Criminals will do the craziest things, even in sight of a camera. So, if you’re thinking of installing fake cameras at your business or home to deter crime, think again.

Apr 30 2020

Keeping an Eye on Your Business While you Stay at Home

As we all become accustomed to the "new normal" of social distancing and sheltering in place, we’re suddenly confronted with the problem of how to manage our businesses from afar. The security of your business is critical. So, how can you check in on things if you had to close your business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you’re sheltering at home? Guardian Security has the perfect solution-Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, a cloud-based video surveillance solution.

Apr 22 2020

Earth Day 2020: How We’re Making Green Initiatives a Priority

Happy Earth Day! We only get one planet, one country, one Washington. With that in mind, the team here at Guardian Security has been working diligently for many years to practice safe, healthy and environmentally sound business practices. Here's how...
Healthcare workers

Apr 20 2020

Ordinance Update: NFPA Develops Additional Guidance for Health Care Facilities during COVID-19 Pandemic

When health care facilities are operating under the conditions like the ones the U.S. health care system is facing right now, stressors are placed on everything, including physical space, staffing levels, available supplies, and the level of care being provided. Everyday code-based solutions simply will not work in many circumstances.

Apr 2 2020

5 Easy Ways For Businesses to Go Hands-Free During COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented some challenges for business owners across the nation. You may not be able to physically check your business if you’re sheltering in place. There’s also the necessity to limit contact with alarm keypads and readers. 

Mar 24 2020

COVID-19 Update from Guardian Security: We Are Still Operational

Under Governor Inslee’s “ Stay Safe, Stay Home” order which can read in full by clicking here, Guardian Security is considered part of the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” designated to help ensure continuity of functions critical to public health and safety.

Mar 15 2020

5 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Access Control

If you’re still on the fence about electronic access control – and, wondering whether a cloud-based solution is a good access control model for you – consider these key reasons. 
home camera systems in seattle

Mar 14 2020

Why Cameras Installed By Professionals Are Better

The best place to get your connected cameras is from a security integrator who provides more value and protection than just convenience. Contact Guardian Security for more information on encrypted cameras that offer better security for your family.

Mar 7 2020

Managing Cloud Access Control & Intercoms Through A Simple Mobile App

In the early days of electronic access control, administrators could only dream of managing the systems from anything other than a desktop computer. But now, authorized managers of access control can disconnect from the desk and manage the system for every facility in the organization from the convenience of their smartphones.

Mar 1 2020

How Turn Key Access Control Helps Your Small Business Thrive

When you have a small business, the stakes are just as high as they are for a massive enterprise – maybe higher, in fact. If this is your only business and you’ve worked hard to get it off the ground, there simply isn’t room for a physical security breach. The monetary loss, property damage and liability risks could sink you in an instant.
Are Fake Cameras an Effective Deterrent?

Feb 27 2020

Are Fake Cameras an Effective Deterrent?

Many people consider putting in fake security cameras to deter crime, but Brendan is here to tell us why that isn't the best strategy. Guardian Security provides complete home & business security services including total smart home management, wireless home…
Are You Considering a DIY Security System?

Feb 20 2020

Are You Considering a DIY Security System?

Before you consider one of the many DIY options on the market today, learn more about why a Security company can provide a better solution for your security needs. Guardian Security provides complete home & business security services including total…

Feb 11 2020

Top Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Security Alarm System

It should not surprise us then that it is just as important to upgrade a security alarm system regularly. Security systems use many of those same technologies and the systems can become outdated in time, and new, important features are added every year. Those changes can seriously impact the effectiveness of your system.
seattle fire alarm ordniance

Jan 21 2020

New Citations for Failing to Maintain Fire Protection Systems

In 2020, the Seattle Fire Department will be issuing citations to ensure that building owners test and maintain their Fire Protection System. Building owners can face a fine of $373 for failure to maintain their Fire Protection System.

Jan 14 2020

New Citations for Preventable Fire Alarms or False Alarms

SFD’s intent is not to needlessly penalize businesses but to encourage them to maintain their alarm systems regularly and make modifications as necessary. They hope to also discourage accidental alarms associated with carelessness.

Jan 7 2020

Fire Watch Requirements

You asked for it, and we have more information about the SFD fire watch requirements for impaired systems. SFD just released SFD Memo #5991 clarifying fire watch requirements.
ul 268 seattle

Jan 3 2020

UL 268: A New Standard for Smoke Detectors

A new standard has been established for smoke detection: UL 268. Issued by UL, the company that maintains global safety certifications, this is a regulation that sets a higher standard for smoke detector manufacturers. By complying, makers of the smoke detectors you use in your home or business will be providing earlier detection of dangerous…

Nov 20 2019

4 Tips For Enjoying Thanksgiving Safely

Thanksgiving is upon us, and that means the holidays are officially on. It’s time to talk about ways to keep your home safe for the holidays, and the ways you can work alongside your security system to accomplish that goal.

Nov 6 2019

3 Ways The Video Doorbell Brings Peace of Mind That Your Home Is Secure Whether You’re There or Not

Video doorbells stream live video to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, allowing you to see what’s going on at home no matter where you are. There are hundreds of stories of thefts and break-ins that the video doorbell has thwarted. Here are just a few of this doorbell’s best features.

Nov 5 2019

The Citations for Late Systems Testing Reports

We would like to update you on the new citations for late Systems Testing Reports. Beginning in 2020, SFD will issue citations to business owners who fail to send in their Systems Testing Reports on time. There is more in-depth information on these citations and reporting for fire alarm systems on the Seattle Government website at Here is some brief information on the topic.
Kids Trick or Treating

Nov 5 2019

Let Smart Home Security Help You Be A Superhero This Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun and socializing with everyone in the neighborhood, but it’s also a prime time for crime. However, smart home security is the perfect solution to ensure a safe, and fun Halloween, whether you’re home or out trick or treating with the family.
Home Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Week

Nov 5 2019

Home Safety Tips for National Fire Prevention Week

President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed National Fire Prevention Week to commemorate the devastating Great Chicago Fire. The Great Chicago Fire burned roughly 3.3 square miles, killing about 300 people and leaving more than 100,000 people homeless. So that nothing this horrific ever happens again, we focus on making homes safe and preventing residential fires.

Oct 15 2019

Wireless Alarm Monitoring & Why Your Business Needs It

All alarm communications need the most reliable communication system possible, and wireless mesh technology delivers that reliability. The technology, which uses and enhances existing and proven technologies, solves the problems found in other modes of communication.
School Year Essential for Busy Parents

Oct 14 2019

School Year Essentials for Busy Parents

The school year is in full swing, and yet your shopping list isn’t getting any shorter. When the weather changes, that means more new clothes are needed. Teachers are adding more "must-haves" to the lists they send home with students, from tablets to tissue boxes. And, it turns out that backpack you just bought a month ago is too small to fit all the books that have to come home every night.
After School Home Security in Seattle | No More Wondering if Kids Are Safe

Sep 30 2019

No More Wondering if The Kids (and your home) Are Safe After School

As kids become tweens, it’s time for parents to decide whether they’re ready to stay home on their own after school. With kids gaining independence and parents saving money on after school childcare, it can be an exciting time for the whole family.
Guardians of the County Bed Race- Guardian Security Supports the Family Promise Program That Helps Homeless

Sep 18 2019

Guardians of the County Bed Race- Guardian Security Supports the Family Promise Program That Helps Homeless

Guardian Security proudly participated as a sponsor in the 3rd Annual Family Promise Bed Race. The Family Promise Program helps homeless children and their families in the area.
Critical Smart Home Security Features To Help Parents In September

Sep 18 2019

Critical Smart Home Security Features To Help Parents In September

Install sensors on all of the doors and windows and the system sends you an alert whenever the kids leave one open when they get home after from school.

Sep 1 2019

Questions To Consider: Business Access Control Systems

Whether the focus is on tighter cash or inventory controls, theft detection and deterrence, or improved labor management, access control and integrated solutions by Guardian Security positively impact business operations.

Aug 19 2019

Combining Video Surveillance and Access Control

Security systems that combine video surveillance with access control are in high demand for medium-sized organizations, and even higher demand for larger properties. Here's why, and how Guardian Security provides the solutions that our clients demand.

Jul 30 2019

Summer Renovations Don’t Have To Be Difficult With Smart Security

A summer renovation project can be stressful. You’re constantly leaving work or activities to let contractors in your home, not to mention being worried about the security of your home. Smart home security can relieve some of the stress by taking care of some of the tasks on your list.
Worried About Watching The Kids This Summer? Let Smart Home Security Help

Jul 23 2019

Worried About Watching The Kids This Summer? Let Smart Home Security Help

While you want to let your kids have some independence as they mature, it’s difficult to anticipate everything that can happen. Your smart home security system does more than just protect your family for the summer. Use image, contact sensors, and cameras to help you see what’s going on at home when you’re not there.

Jul 20 2019

5 Advantages of Security Systems Integration

Having a central platform means increased accessibility, and provides better management over all of the systems. The right platform can enable the user to manage many complex systems seamlessly and efficiently.
Outdoor Security Essentials To Make Your Summer Secure

Jul 17 2019

Outdoor Security Essentials To Make Your Summer Secure

Some of the best parts of summer are the long summer evenings that stay light until 9 PM and the fun cookouts with friends and family. It’s also a critical time to protect your home and outside space, especially if you’re going away on vacation. We’ve got some great solutions to help keep your home more secure.

Jul 15 2019

For Campuses and Hospitality, There’s Siemens Cerberus DMS

When an academic campus, hospitality facility or other multi-building site is in need of a new protection option, one of the most appealing choices to consider is Siemens Cerberus DMS.

Jun 28 2019

Guardian Security Featured in the Seattle Edition of Who’s Who of Building Construction

Recently, Guardian was pleased to be featured in the Seattle edition of the "Who's Who in Building Construction", a Kelley Blue Book publication. Titled "The Guardians of the (Seattle) Galaxy", the article featured Bob Vezzani and Stassa Hansen from our Fire Alarm Division.

Jun 27 2019

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Siemens MXL Fire Alarm System to the New FireFinder XLS

Migration of your fire alarm system may seem overwhelming, but Siemens Migration Solution makes the process simple by breaking it down into phases. Here’s a brief look at the migration phases.

Jun 24 2019

17 Ways to Keep Your Summer Safe and Carefree

Block parties, barbeques, and pool time… summer is all about the fun! Because we spend more time enjoying time away and more time outdoors during the summer months, the number of burglaries and outdoor related injuries also increases. We here at Guardian Security want to help you make all of your summer memories good ones…

Jun 10 2019

Smart Home, Smart Families: Managing Summer Break With Home Automation

Summer break is in full swing, and for many parents, that means there will be a variety of challenges that aren’t present during the school year. There are remedies for these challenges, though – and some of them can be delivered by your home security system.
fire alarm systems in washington state

Jun 4 2019

From Request for Pricing to Approved Plans: The Fire Alarm Timeline

Planning, designing and implementing a commercial fire alarm system takes time. For our valued commercial clients requesting fire alarm systems, it’s important to know and understand the timeline involved. From request for pricing to approved plans, the process of a fire alarm project is extensive. Here is an average timeline.
fire alarm systems in seattle

May 24 2019

Facts About Fire Watch: What Organizations Need to Know

When a fire system is not in place or functional and evacuating the building is not an option, it’s critical for fire watch protocols to be carried out. The fire watch is a guideline established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as well as a required ordinance in your city. 

May 9 2019

What to Look for in a Quality AES Wireless Mesh Radio Fire Alarm System Installation

When seconds count, it is important to rely on an alarm communication system with the fastest speed and most reliable service.

May 6 2019

Commercial Fire Protection: Avoiding False or Nuisance Alarms

We become fatigued by repeated alarms. Studies show that all it takes is three nuisance alarms a year to seriously impact the responsiveness of the building occupants. This is the point when we assume that every alarm is a false one and so delay any action. We are more likely to be annoyed with the disruption than fear it could be real. This leads to increased fire associated injury and deaths.
fire alarm systems in seattle

Apr 26 2019

UL 268: A New Standard for Smoke Detectors

The new standard for smoke detection is UL 268. Here’s what homeowners and business owners need to know about this regulation.

Apr 10 2019

Active Shooter Training & What To Do: NFPA 3000

Now more than ever, communities need established protocols in place for active shooter situations. If an organization is deficient in response protocol, lives will be in jeopardy when an emergency occurs. Having a cohesive set of protocols can reduce risks when seconds count.
smoke control systems in seattle

Apr 3 2019

Q&A with Travis Quaale, Smoke Control Expert

There are just a few more weeks until the Fire Alarm Advisory Board’s Special Session on Smoke Control event; it is important to understand smoke control if you plan to build anything in East King County.  With that in mind, we took the time to ask some questions of our resident smoke control expert, Travis Quaale. 
alarm monitoring WA

Apr 1 2019

New Alarm Monitoring Tax for the State of Washington

A new sales tax for your alarm monitoring services will take affect on April 1st, 2019.
home security alarm company seattle

Mar 22 2019

DIY Home Security vs. Pro Installation: What’s the Difference?

DIY is everywhere you look. Much of the time, these projects are doable for the average homeowner who is willing to put in some research and effort. However, security system installation does not fall in that category.

Mar 14 2019

Benefits of an Integrated Intercom and Access Control System

There’s more to commercial security integration than meets the eye. If alarms and cameras are already integrated, the next logical step is to integrate the access control system with other technology that makes it easier to screen who enters the premises.
seattle smart home cmpanies

Mar 9 2019

The Critical Components of Home Security

There’s no denying that choosing what goes in your home security system can be overwhelming. With so many options, how do you know what you really need? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are the critical components of home security.  Motion and Contact Sensors Motion and contact sensors are the small applicators your system uses…
seattle home security

Mar 8 2019

With Mobile Apps, the Future of Home Security Has Arrived

Managing your home security system with an app on your smartphone is the future, and the future has arrived. Here’s why you should embrace the future.  

Jan 3 2019

A New Standard for Smoke Detectors

A new standard has been established for smoke detection: UL 268. Issued by UL, the company that maintains global safety certifications, this is a regulation that sets a higher standard for smoke detector manufacturers. Here's what you need to know.

Dec 28 2018

Smart Home Security and House Guests

Still hanging on to one or two overnight holiday guests? You want the environment to feel welcoming for them, of course – but at the same time, you want to continue utilizing the great security technology you have in your home. Fortunately, it’s easy to do both.

Dec 22 2018

A Safe & Peaceful Christmas: A Poem

We wish Peace, Love and Joy on this Christmas night, May all your dreams come true, and your New Year look bright!
seattle home security systems

Dec 19 2018

Seasonal Worries A Home Security System Can Solve

Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – but that doesn’t mean it’s without its fair share of worries. Fortunately, your security system can help you beat these concerns and keep them at bay long after the holidays are over. Here are four good examples.
how to stop package theft n seattle

Dec 15 2018

Stopping Package Theft With Smart Home Security

Seattle sits at the number two spot on a list of the top 50 cities where the phrase "Amazon package stolen" is entered as a Google search. (Source: Luckily, you can use your security system to stop package theft before it happens to you, especially if your system includes smart home upgrades. Here’s how to accomplish that.

Dec 14 2018

Resident Assist and Staff Call Systems: Increased Safety for Patients & Staff

Guardian Security is proud to offer resident assist and staff call systems (also known as nurse call systems) to healthcare, nursing facility and residential care clients throughout the Northwest. Here is how it can help your facility increase safety and reduce liability. 
smart camera systems for seattle homes

Dec 10 2018

Smart Cameras vs. Retail Cameras for Home Security: What’s the Difference?

When there’s no integration between the cameras and the home security system, the homeowner misses out on a variety of benefits. These benefits include....

Nov 27 2018

Setting Standards for Active Shooter Response

For organizations that are concerned about preparedness for hostile events in the community,  one potential solution is participating in an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) program. This year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA®) introduced its own ASHER training solution called NFPA 3000™.

Nov 15 2018

How To Be The Scariest House On The Block All Year Long

Long after Halloween is over, break-ins can be prevented by the presence of connected home security. To learn more about home security systems that scare criminals away all year long, contact Guardian Security for a complimentary home security analysis.

Nov 15 2018

Give Your Smart Home the Coolest Gift Ever With Voice Control

Is yours a family that gives your home its own gift for the holidays? If so, we have an idea: a home management device like Alexa, Google Home, Amazon Echo. Why? Because it can integrate with your smart home security system to make everything even more interactive. Here are some things it can help you do.

Nov 2 2018

The Value of Video Analytics

Unless a business has a dedicated security staff tasked with watching live security video 24/7 – and most do not – then video analytics is an absolute necessity. Here are some of the most important things video analytics can accomplish:

Oct 29 2018

Seattle Home Security Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween brings increased hazards for kids and homeowners. Make memories this October 31st and keep trick-or-treaters safe and keep your home and property secure with these Halloween safety tips.

Oct 19 2018

Guardian Security Participates In Annual Event to Help Communities in Whatcom County

Our staff had an amazing time and made meaningful connections supporting this wonderful annual event which has again been a great success, raising over $12,000 to help more children get out of poverty and into housing in Washington State.
puget sound alarm acquired by guardian security systems Seattle

Oct 19 2018

Puget Sound Alarm Acquired by Guardian Security

Guardian Security Systems, Inc, Washington’s largest independently owned security company, has acquired Puget Sound Alarm at 17555 15th N.E., Seattle.
smart home security for beginners

Oct 16 2018

Smart Home Security for Beginners: What You Need to Know

When you’re away from the house and want to get a look at what your cameras are recording, that same app can give you an instantaneous view into what’s going on at home. Here’s some more info on smart home security for beginners; hopefully, new security system owners will find it useful. 
Smart home security for vacation homes

Oct 4 2018

Smart Home Security for Vacation Homes

Give your summer neighbor a break; explore smart home security for vacation homes. Washington residents, contact Guardian Security to learn more.

Oct 2 2018

Planning Your Next Building Inspection

When it’s time for your annual building inspection, Guardian Security will be ready to help. BuildingReports enables us to inspect all your fire and life safety devices for working order and code requirements, using easily verifiable inspection reports you can trust. To learn more or schedule building inspections in the Seattle area, contact Guardian Security today.
Brands and Fire Alarm Systems

Oct 1 2018

Solving the Mystery of Proprietary Brands

What are proprietary fire alarm brands? Seattle security experts at Guardian Security can explain.
Love your dog but have a security system

Sep 20 2018

Love Your Dog, but Have a Security System

You love your dog, but you still need a security system. Call Guardian Security for reliable home security in Seattle.
Smart Home Security Systems Save Lives

Sep 10 2018

Smart Home Security: Systems that Save Lives

It’s more than an alarm; weather alerts save lives with smart home security. Seattle homeowners, learn more here.

Sep 2 2018

Why Should You Upgrade to Video Verification?

If you are considering your options in home or business security, you have probably found that there are far more choices than you had anticipated. One of those decisions includes whether or not to opt in to video verification.
Professional Home Security beats DIY

Aug 28 2018

Why Professional Monitoring Beats DIY Security

Thinking of monitoring your own security system? This Seattle home security expert cautions against it; find out why.
new vs old home security

Aug 22 2018

Smart Home Security vs. “Old School” Home Security

The home security you grew up with was good, but smart home security is great. Find out more.
home security helps enjoy the summer vacations

Aug 20 2018

How Home Security Helps You End Your Summer Well

Your summer can end on a high note with the right home security. Seattle homeowners, schedule a free consultation
videofied makes a great addition to your security

Aug 15 2018

Better Alarm Verification with Videofied

Tired of false alarms. Videofied can help.
Home Security provides safer after school time for your kids

Aug 14 2018

Smart Home Security Means Safer Afterschool Experiences

Safer afterschool experiences can happen in Seattle. Smart home security makes it possible.

Aug 1 2018

How A Smart Home From Guardian Makes Your Summer Better!

As the BBQ season draws near to a close for the year, it’s time to talk about how Guardian Security can help your summer fun reach new heights! Your smart home security system can give you the high-tech help you need to host better get-togethers and keep everyone safer in the process. Here’s how.
Vacation Home Security Tips

Jul 27 2018

Home Security Seattle: 5 Ways a Smart Home System Protects Your Vacation Home

Your vacation home can and should be a smart home. Read five ways smart home security can protect your Seattle vacation home.

Jul 25 2018

Choosing a Cybersecurity Provider: Questions to Ask

Cybersecurity scares are not just a creation of the news media or the hype of cybersecurity consultants. According to a recent study by Cybersecurity Ventures, the annual cost of cybercrime damage is on track to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Here are critical concerns to consider.

Jul 5 2018

Your First Smart Home: Security for Young Homeowners

Whether it’s college graduation, weddings or the moving season in general, summer is a time when young adults tend to make big life changes. Sometimes, those big steps include the plunge into first-time homeownership. For young homeowners throughout Washington, smart home technology can fill both roles: home automation and home security.

Jul 2 2018

Preventing Home Invasion with Smart Security

More than 500,000 home invasion crimes per year take place without any forced entry at all. How is this possible? Sadly, many of them are made possible by the homeowner leaving a door or window unlocked.

Jun 21 2018

How to Handle Annual Fire Inspections

When annual fire inspection time rolls around – or, a property receives notification that the fire department wants to see an inspection completed on demand – it can be a stressful time for managers of a commercial property. To address this, here are some recommendations for businesses of all sizes.

Jun 14 2018

A Smarter Man Cave With Smart Home Automation

This is a great time of year to automate your home's man cave and make it fully controllable – from both a security standpoint and a smart home one. Here are some ideas for areas of the room that can be protected with the help of your security system.

Jun 7 2018

How Dads Can Always “Be There,” With Smart Home Automation

Some dads have 9 to 5 careers, and others have them 24/7. Modern dads are on the go, and they aren’t always able to see what’s going on at home – at least not in person. Fortunately, there is a modern security solution that can fill in the gaps for both of them whether they are home, at work, or on the road.

Jun 5 2018

Summer Safety: How Security Systems Can Help

The summer season officially began on Memorial Day, and that makes it a great time to talk about summer safety. Here are some ways you can utilize your home security system to help your family have a safer, more enjoyable summer this year.

May 29 2018

Curbing Unlawful Entry with Smart Home Security

As long as a window is unlocked, a burglar can easily work around any minor imperfections. And an unlocked door? It may as well be a welcome sign.

May 22 2018

Guardian Receives Siemens Dealer of of The Year Award

Guardian Security is pleased to announce that we were named the Siemens Value Added Partner Pacific Northwest Dealer of the Year in 2017.

May 10 2018

Security Systems for Seniors: What to Look For

Often, senior citizens rely on their adult children or caregivers to make decisions about electronic security for the home. To assist these loved ones, here’s some information on what to look for when choosing security systems for seniors in Seattle.

May 2 2018

Security Solutions for the Tri-Cities Area of Washington

Guardian Security provides security solutions for the tri-cities area of Washington. Operations that are making their home in the tri-cities can benefit from solutions for the following security challenges.

Apr 27 2018

Making Home Security a Priority When Moving to Seattle

Many who relocate to the Pacific Northwest do so during the warmer spring and summer months. With that in mind, here are some considerations for those who are moving here and wondering how soon they should secure their new homes.

Apr 25 2018

Guardian Security Named Brivo West Coast Dealer of the Year

This past week at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas, Guardian Security was presented with the Brivo West Coast Dealer of the Year award.  

Apr 18 2018

How Young Professionals Use Home Security Today

What’s the cause for the surge in home security interest among this new generation of homebuyers? Most likely, it has very little to do with young homeowners "turning into their parents." A more likely reason is that today’s home security is nothing like their parents’ home security.

Apr 9 2018

Using Your Tax Refund to Upgrade Home Security

If your refund isn’t earmarked for any necessary expenses and you’re looking to spend it on your home, then a smart home technology upgrade is one of the smartest ways to spend your tax refund. Here’s what you’ll get.

Mar 28 2018

Is it Time to Update Your Emergency Contacts?

Making sure your contact list is updated on a regular basis is important for our Seattle alarm company and your security as our client. On our side, it keeps us in compliance with local ordinances. For your benefit, it allows us to send law enforcement to your emergency. Here’s why.

Mar 22 2018

Smart Home Security: Your Key to a Better Spring Break

If your family has a trip planned for this week-long vacation from "real life," you will want to have as much peace of mind as possible that everything is safe and sound at home while you’re away. Here are some of the questions that can creep into your mind, and a way you can quickly find out the answers.

Mar 15 2018

Active Shooters and School Security

Now more than ever, schools need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of an active shooter situation. Here are some actions items for schools to consider. 

Mar 14 2018

Poison Prevention and Your Security System

March is Poison Prevention Month, and that means it’s time to talk about carbon monoxide, otherwise known as CO – a dangerous poison that is odorless and colorless, keeping families in completely in the dark about its presence until it’s too late.

Mar 7 2018

Home Control Upgrades: A Guide for Newbies

You've heard it said that too much "screen time" is a bad thing for some people – mostly for kids. But if you’re a responsible adult, you can use your smartphone as a powerful tool to make your life both simpler and safer.

Feb 28 2018

Using Guardian Security Online Services

Anything that makes our tasks more convenient is welcome, and that includes more convenient ways to manage our security systems. That’s why Guardian Security offers online services. Check it out and ask us about it today!

Feb 22 2018

Defeating Smash and Grab Burglary

A smash and grab is the simplest way for a criminal to burglarize a storefront; he uses a crowbar, sledgehammer or another tool to smash in a glass display window or front door, then grabs everything he can reacha. What can you do about this as a business owner?

Feb 18 2018

Taking the Plunge into Access Control

Sometimes, the next step is hard to take. We have seen that to be the case for many businesses when it comes to adding an extra layer of security with access control.

Feb 14 2018

Guardian Security Featured In SDM Magazine

Cloud access control for business has been a growing technology that is being used by businesses small and large across Washington State, and around the world. Guardian Security was pleased to be featured in the February 2018 issue of SDM Magazine, a leading trade publication for the security industry.

Feb 13 2018

A Safer, More Romantic Valentine’s Day

Whether you and your significant other are planning to stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day, you can apply these common-sense home security tips for a safer, more romantic evening.

Feb 7 2018

How Alarm Contracts Protect Our Customers

What are home security contracts for? They’re for the protection of both parties. Consider these reasons.

Feb 2 2018

Home Security and the Superbowl

Happy Superbowl week! Whether you’re watching the big game at your home or someone else’s, your home control security system can play a part. Consider these scenarios.

Jan 30 2018

Are Fake Security Cameras Good Enough For Your Business?

Is installing a fake security camera good enough to prevent a robbery at your business? Unfortunately, no. Consider these factors.

Jan 23 2018

Fire Prevention Tips In The Workplace

Most fires are caused by careless behaviors that lead to ignition. This means most fires can be avoided by changing these behaviors. Help prevent workplace fire by practicing good safety practices such as these...

Jan 16 2018

12 Fire Prevention Tips for Your Business

It’s hard to think about the possibility of a fire or the potential devastation it can cause. Fires do happen though, and it should be a concern for every business owner.

Jan 9 2018

25 Ways to Leverage Automation for Protection & Profits

Even better than having a clone, security and automation allow you to take advantage of the benefits of next-generation digital technologies so you can view your home or business and control the security system remotely from your computer, phone, or another digital device.

Jan 1 2018

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Home Improvements

Home improvements turn your home into a construction zone with security risks that leave your family and your project tools and materials vulnerable. Before you begin your next project, check out these important tips:

Dec 20 2017

Give The Gift of Home Security This Holiday Season

Enjoying the season of giving is what the winter holidays are all about. However, because thieves know that homes during the holidays are filled with gifts, it should also be a time of vigilance.

Dec 20 2017

Twas The Night Before Christmas, A Security Story

With a tip of the Santa hat to the classic story, Konrad Kocsis authors this humorous take on "The Night Before Christmas" with a security twist!

Dec 7 2017

Give the Gift of Home Automation this Christmas

Home automation systems are quickly becoming popular, especially around Christmas time. They not only make life simpler but give homeowners peace of mind and added security – not to mention home value.

Dec 1 2017

Don’t Forget Fire Safety This Holiday Season

Whether you are cooking holiday meals or just putting up your Christmas lights, it is important to keep fire safety in mind.

Dec 1 2017

Top 7 Home Burglary Myths You Should NOT Believe

We see crime daily on television shows, in movies, and in video games. How crime is depicted in the media is far different than how it plays out in reality, however, and that misinformation can put our family, property and us at risk.

Nov 25 2017

What Makes Home Camera Systems From Guardian Security Better?

True security cameras—like those powered by Guardian Security—are fully connected to a smart home security system. This gives them features and intelligence that standalone connected cameras don't have. 

Nov 17 2017

Check your Fire Extinguisher as it may have been recalled

An Estimated 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled by Kidde. Here's what you need to know.

Oct 16 2017

Why UL Listing Important For An Alarm Monitoring Company

If you have shopped around for a security system, you probably saw that many alarm companies advertise that they are UL listed (like we do). What is UL listing, and why is it important for your alarm monitoring company to be UL listed?

Oct 4 2017

Guardian Security supports cause to help homeless children in Whatcom County

The staff of Guardian Security was proud to be a participating sponsor at the first annual family Promise Bed Race to help homeless children in Whatcom County.

Oct 3 2017

13 Things You Didn’t Know About AES IntelliNet

AES wireless mesh technology offers best-in-class protection against catastrophic fire and intrusion events. Guardian Security is proud to have the largest wireless mesh network in Washington.

Sep 30 2017

Helping To Make Your Door Pick Proof

It’s true that today’s burglars use more novel ways to get into homes – everything from haphazardly throwing a brick through a window to carefully squeezing through a doggie door.

Sep 14 2017

8 Reasons To Think About Landscaping & Security

A lush landscape filled with beautiful trees makes a property very attractive, but it can also provide excellent cover to thieves and intruders.

Sep 1 2017

5 Great Reasons to Use to Use Access Control to Secure Your Facilities

Access control or physical security systems can play a huge role in managing those responsibilities in protecting people, assets, facilities, and operations. But did you know there are additional smart reasons to use access control? 

Sep 1 2017

Benefits of a Cloud Storage Video Surveillance System

More than 9 in 10 businesses are currently using cloud technology, including email, phone, backup, applications and increasingly video surveillance. Cloud technology offers businesses a powerful tool to help improve their safety and operations.

Aug 31 2017

5 Ways Home Automation Can Help With Back To School

Making sure everything runs smoothly and optimally is a near impossible task and would take a team of people to get done. Fortunately, smart home technologies provide some great ways to tame a monster school schedule.

Aug 21 2017

Avoid These New Homeowner Home Security Mistakes

If you are buying a new home, take precautions to avoid becoming a target for crime. If you have questions about home security systems, video surveillance, or intrusion alarms, give us a call today.

Aug 14 2017

7 Back-to-School Problems Smart Home Technology Users Don’t Have

Every parent wants to pave the way to academic success for their children in every aspect of their lives. The first element of this is taking the chaos out of managing routines. Today, parents are using home automation to help them manage daily routines, and ease their worry about the safety and wellbeing of their…

Aug 7 2017

Tips for Selecting a Home Security Pass Code

Your home security system relies on the strength and security of your pass code, so it is important to keep it as private as possible.

Aug 3 2017

Guardian Nurse Call Solutions Systems for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities exist in a very competitive and ever-changing landscape that requires every member of the team to work at superhero status at all times. To optimize each care givers time with the residents and their needs are being met they need robust tools found in current nurse call system. For any superhero, communication is…

Jul 26 2017

The Importance Of Having An Access Control System For Your Business

Both large and small businesses have raised concerns about their security. Most of these entities “hope for the best” rather than taking adequate steps to improve their security. Access control systems enable business to be proactive and fully in charge of their security. Meaning Of An Access Control System As the name implies, the system…

Jul 25 2017

Preventing Door-to-Door Scams Using Video Doorbells

It may seem like one of the oldest tricks in the book but door-to-door scams are still alive and well, and come in all forms.

Jul 20 2017

3 Advantages of IP Video Surveillance

Using the power of the Internet, video surveillance is reaching levels once unimagined. IP video surveillance systems are a hot topic in the industry today especially in the greater Seattle area. IP technology was slow to gain acceptance, but with almost universal internet accessibility, that is changing and has come of age, gaiing wide acceptance. The first…

Jul 12 2017

2 BIG Reasons Why Success or Failure Depends on Physical Security

The potential for crime is a big deal for any business—or it should be. According to the U.S Chamber of Commerce, crime is a factor in as much as 30% of business failures. It is even more startling when you think of your business and the community in which it exists. Think of the one…

Jul 6 2017

3 Reasons Your Commercial Video Surveillance is Critical After Incident or Accident

Commercial video surveillance systems are an essential tool in combating crimes like theft and violence. What many people do not know is that it is also critical in the event of a crime incident or accident. Businesses are facing increasing threats such as violence in the workplace as well as the common problem of accidents.…

Jun 15 2017

Licensed 06 Low Voltage Alarm Technicians

Get away from all that Seattle traffic! Guardian Security Systems, Inc. is searching for talented, Licensed 06 Low Voltage Alarm Technicians for our Bellingham, WA office.

Jun 7 2017

Is it Really Guardian Security Systems? How to Avoid Security Scams

Never get taken in by illegitimate security companies. Here is how to verify the facts.

May 25 2017

A Quick Guide to Fire Extinguisher Placement and Storage

Where you place and store your fire extinguisher can make all the difference in an emergency. These fire placement and storage tips can save you.

May 23 2017

How New City of Seattle Fire Department Regulations Will Affect Businesses

A quick update from the Seattle Fire Department on new regulations that affect your business as of July 1, 2017. Here's what you need to know.

May 4 2017

The Essential Guide to Fire System Alarm / Notification Categories

Fire alarm systems are complex. This will help demystify fire system alarm notification categories.

Apr 19 2017

A Guide to Fire Alarm System Product Categories

Understanding fire alarm system device categories ensures there are no deficiencies in your commercial fire alarm system. Find out more.

Apr 10 2017

Outdated Security Camera Systems: A Bigger Risk Than You Think

That aging surveillance system may seem fine on the surface but technologies become outdated quickly and sensitive technologies that are not well-maintained can malfunction without warning. Here are some important ways outdated security systems put you at risk.

Apr 3 2017

Safety Spotlight: Fire Extinguishers

Do You Have the Correct Type of Fire Extinguisher? While the concept is fairly simple, the technology and science behind them, and which one to use for which application, is complex.

Mar 31 2017

5 Year Automatic Sprinkler Maintenance – Internal Pipe Exams, FDC backflush & Gauge Replacement

“Mr. Customer, your sprinkler system is due for it’s five year maintenance. When would you like us to take care of it for you?” We have all been there. We dropped the car off at the dealership or mechanic to have an oil change and a tire rotation. Then you get the phone call an…

Mar 31 2017

Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace

For most people portable fire extinguishers are invisible red cylinders mounted or in cabinets on the wall. Though they blend into the surroundings and are often ignored, fire extinguishers are one of the most important devices for fire safety. How important one would ask? In more than 600 businesses and non-residential structures each day in…

Mar 20 2017

Top Home Security Blunders

Life gets busy and we all get a little slack when it comes to thinking about home security. Unfortunately, this is a huge factor in why four burglaries happen every minute in the US. Burglars count on us to lose focus and make common mistake. All they need to do is wait for their prime…

Mar 16 2017

4 Things You Need To Know About Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers might be a basic staple of fighting early stage fires, but there is nothing basic about them. Take note of these important tips for keeping your business safe.

Mar 12 2017

Fire Prevention vs. Fire Protection—What’s the Difference?

Fire is a chemical reaction, and understanding how that works can make a huge difference in how you approach fire safety.

Mar 6 2017

Outdated Security Camera Systems: A Bigger Risk Than You Think

Even a well-maintained video surveillance system can run into problems over time and not perform when you need it most. This can put your system, and ultimately your business, employees, and customers at risk.

Mar 2 2017

Careers At Guardian: Integrated Solutions Sales Associate

Guardian Security is hiring for the sales position on the Integrated Security Solutions team. We are Washington’s leader in residential and commercial life safety solutions.

Feb 24 2017

Should You Integrate Business Life, Fire, and Security?

Businesses today face a multitude of threats and business owners are responsible for taking clear and reasonable steps to protect the lives of employees and customers, as well as protect their property. Here’s why.

Feb 8 2017

Increasing Efficiency & Patient Satisfaction with Integrated Alerts

Having nurse call systems in place is for compliance reasons is essential, but it’s not always enough. No matter the size of a healthcare facility, integrating nurse calls with alert functionality can make the system far more effective. Here are some reasons why.

Feb 5 2017

Are You Maintaining the Health of Your Fire Alarm System? Don’t Wait Until it Flatlines.

Fire alarm systems help protect people, property and assets. But just like in our own health, there are many things about the health status of your system can’t be learned just by looking at it.

Jan 24 2017

Guardian Is Hiring An Installation Technician!

For Immediate Release – Guardian Security – Yakima, WA Guardian Security is Washington’s leader in residential and commercial life safety solutions. Established in 1976, Guardian specializes in comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for installations ranging from single-family homes to major retail centers. Our company has experienced rapid growth and our installation department needs quality applicants…

Jan 11 2017

Does Your Landscaping Hurt or Help Your Home Security?

Home security systems have proven to deter more crime than any other preventative measure. However, there is still something more that you can do to help protect your property—consider the landscaping.

Jan 10 2017

3 Practical Tips For Enhancing Commercial Security

Did you know that thirty percent of businesses in the United States fail as a result of crime? Crime is expensive and whether the loss is cumulative due to shoplifting or employee theft or as a result of a large-scale burglary, it takes much less in loss to devastate a business than most believe. Even…

Jan 3 2017

AES Intellinet: Disruptive Technology That Drives Business

Selecting a security system to protect your business or residence is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Most people understand that and the importance of choosing the right components to form the most effective system possible. However, most people do not realize that even the most technically advanced components are impacted…

Dec 18 2016

Home Alone? Video Surveillance and After School Monitoring

Depending on the circumstance and the state laws regarding the age children are able to left home alone, your child may need to be left home alone for brief periods of time. No matter how responsible your child or teen may be, a home security system can be the added tool parents need to keep…

Dec 14 2016

Fire and Life Safety Alarm System Testing: It’s Something You Can’t Afford to Neglect

Fire and life safety alarm systems are expected to provide protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While it may seem like an obvious matter of importance, neglecting safety alarm inspections is still something that happens often. Fire and life safety alarm systems are comprised of sensitive technologies, and like any other technological…

Nov 15 2016

Is Mesh Radio Better? 4 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes.

We all dream of a truly seamlessly connected world; and with mesh radio, that dream can finally become a reality. Wireless mesh radio is an emergent technology whose networks utilize existing technology in a new and highly effective way. If you are weighing your options in electronic alarm solutions, there are several reasons why you…

Nov 15 2016

Why should my fire alarm be monitored with an AES radio?

One of the most common questions we get at Guardian Security is from Washington business and facility owners asking “Why should my fire alarm system be monitored with a radio?” It is a great question, with some important answers. Fastest, most reliable transmission speeds Fastest… While other communication pathways, such as cellular can take up…

Nov 4 2016

So, What’s Mesh Radio? You’ll Be Glad You Asked.

Some things are so simple that they are genius. And what you do with it is even better. Such is the case with mesh radio. Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple, but when implemented in electronic security, the result is a far more reliable and secure network than offered through other means. The Simple Lowdown…

Oct 18 2016

Open Doors with Your Smart Phone? Yes, You Can.

Access control users have been sought the ability to unlock doors with their phone for some time, and now, with the development of Brivo’s Mobile Pass Application they can. Available for both iOS and Android, the application immediately delivers access eliminating the need for a keycard. How Mobile Pass Works The majority of access control…

Sep 7 2016

Should You Consider Access Control for Your Business? In a Word, Absolutely.

Running a business means expecting the unexpected. Running a successful business means expecting the unexpected and planning for it. As a business owner, you are no doubt thinking, “I can’t control every element or other people’s behavior.” You can and must, however, take steps to minimize the risks. Here are some important things to consider as…

Aug 26 2016

Electronic Access : The Key to Safety

With the trend toward automation continuing with every new technological advance, an increasing number of businesses embrace electronic key control to support safety and access management. Still, some wonder if it is worth the switch from traditional mechanical locking hardware. To help you weigh your choices, here are some of the benefits of electronic keys.…
ip video companies in seattle

Jul 29 2016

IP Video: Increasing Your Bottom Line through Modern Technology

Are you curious about how to increase your bottom line through increased technology? Then look no further than IP video monitoring. These IP-based cameras make surveillance even easier, and you’re sure to appreciate how much you will learn through the use of these cameras. At Guardian Security we can provide you with multiple product options…

Jul 28 2016

Identity Management and Access Control: Finding The Right Solution

We understand that the right tools not only improve security; they improve productivity as well. Identity and access management tools help strengthen productivity and security while reducing risks. A quality solution ensures the right people have access to the right places at the right times. In a market flooded with software purporting to do just…

Jul 7 2016

What You Need To Know About Alarm Dispatch Ordinances in Washington State

In Washington State, for Security Alarms, each Authority Having Jurisdiction of a city or county has adopted their own way of handling alarm signals and the subsequent dispatching of police resources. The goal from the emergency responders is to limit false alarms that can inhibit the authority’s ability to respond to real and more urgent…

Jun 30 2016

Careers At Guardian: Journeyman Integrated Installation Technicians

06 Journeyman Integrated Installation Technicians Guardian Security Systems – Seattle, WA Guardian Security is Washington’s leader in residential and commercial life safety solutions. Established in 1976, Guardian specializes in comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for installations ranging from single-family homes to major retail centers. Our installation division is expanding and we need new…

Jun 23 2016

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Sprinkler System Maintenance

  Testing…obstructions….paper or plastic? There are so many local compliance rules as well as NFPA standards surrounding when, how, and how often your fire sprinkler system should be checked, upgraded, or maintained. Many times without proper guidance, an FAQ (frequently asked questions) can turn into an SAQ (should’ve asked questions) that lead to big safety and…

Jun 23 2016

The 3 Components of 5 Year Automatic Sprinkler Maintenance

“Mr. Customer, your sprinkler system is due for it’s five year maintenance.  When would you like us to take care of it for you?” We have all been there. We dropped the car off at the dealership or mechanic to have an oil change and a tire rotation. Then you get the phone call an…

Jun 6 2016

3 Key Industries That Benefit From Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The mission to save life and protect property never changes, but methods through which these inspired tasks are achieved are continually evolving due to the advancement of new technologies. For more than 40 years, Guardian Security has been installing and monitoring commercial Fire Alarm Systems, and we have embraced new technologies that have allowed us…

Jun 6 2016

Careers: Customer Care Representative

We are looking for a passionate Customer Care Representative who will partner with and ensure the long-term success of our clients and accounts. You will be responsible for maintaining and growing long-term relationships with our clients internally and externally. You will liaise between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery…

Jun 3 2016

Important Changes to Mercer Island Fire Alarm Ordinance

If you are planning to remodel or build a new home on Mercer Island there are some important changes to the Fire Alarm Ordinance about which you should know. Recently, the City of Mercer Island enacted a code stating all new home construction must include a monitored low voltage smoke alarm system. This work must…

May 25 2016

Ensuring Your Seattle Fire Alarm Systems Pass Annual Inspections

Though they can induce a bit stress, annual commercial fire alarm systems inspections are required by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) over your property and designed to help prevent injury and mitigate loss due to fires. Depending on the location and type of system you have, the length and frequency of testing will vary…

May 20 2016

Does Your Seattle High Rise Meet the New Seattle Fire Code 510?

Some existing high rise buildings in Seattle are subject to a retroactive installation of an emergency responder communications system. This means that if your building does not have a system, you will be required to retroactively install one in 2016. What Is Seattle Fire Code 510? Seattle Fire Code 510 requires reliable communication for emergency…

May 20 2016

New Burglar Alarm Dispatch Requirements For Redmond

Beginning April 15, 2016, to qualify for a police dispatch in the City of Redmond there must be some form of verification that the alarm is valid. The qualifiers are: An eyewitness to a crime in progress Video or Audio evidence of a crime The receipt of two or more alarms signals during the same…

May 18 2016

New Code Requirements For Washington State Cannabis Facilities

Since legalizing marijuana back in 2012, the cannabis industry in Washington has skyrocketed. Of course with tremendous growth, comes more government regulation. Guardian Security can provide expertise and guidance  here in Washington to help you keep up with the changing code requirements, as well providing professional security & fire alarm systems design and installation for…

Mar 12 2016

9 questions to ask when choosing a security company for your Washington home or business.

With so many options for a new security system and the many different providers that are out there, choosing a new security company can be a little challenging. We’ve compiled a short list of the most important questions to ask when evaluating any alarm company in Washington. Do you directly monitor my system at your…
home fire alarm systems

Feb 10 2016

House Fire Hazards You May Have Overlooked

Seattle home security customers: When was the last time you thought about the fire hazards in your home? Some of the obvious ones, like the fire risks from the stove and fireplace, may be things we think about often. On the other hand, there are fire risks that people give little to any thought about…
security systems for healthcare facilities in seattle

Feb 2 2016

The Essential Checklist for Selecting a Nurse Call System

Also known as call bell or call light systems, nurse call systems are the communication link between these clients and the facility’s caregivers. Here are some things to look for when selecting nurse call systems for a healthcare facility.
Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Feb 1 2016

Video Surveillance: Solutions for Hazardous Environments

Basic Surveillance Options Many companies assume that a few surveillance cameras are enough to protect their business. There are often unseen costs associated with this. You may need to weatherproof your cameras, install additional cooling equipment to reduce heat associated with sun exposure or you may need dust filters to reduce the impact of pollutants.…

Jan 27 2016

Creative uses of commercial video surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most important security features of our time. Major security companies will offer boots on the ground as well, patrolling shifts, or a security officer at a retail location. But one feature is often for business owners to usurp the role of all of these, namely, video surveillance. A criminal…
seattle home fire alarm systems

Jan 15 2016

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Seattle fire alarm systems customers: this is a great time to revisit the importance of smoke alarms in the home. We sometimes take them for granted, but we shouldn’t – because smoke alarms save lives. Considering the fact that it only takes three to four minutes for a small house fire to spread out of…

Jan 6 2016

Protecting Yourself From Distraction Burglary

Distraction burglaries typically peak in the summer months, and then taper off in the fall before returning in full force just in time for Christmas. Understanding how distraction burglary works is critical to your home security in Seattle, and it’s also an important part of staying safe in public.  Distraction burglaries happen both at home…
seattle commercial security

Dec 29 2015

Commercial Security: Responding to Burglary

As a business owner, burglary is one of the most invasive crimes you will ever experience. Not only is there loss of your equipment and/or inventory, but there is a sense of being violated, both personally and professionally. Your income, and that of your employees, has been jeopardized and you may experience loss of life…
access control

Dec 10 2015

Access Control Gives You More Key Control, Less Employee Risk

  he holidays are a time when many companies hire an influx of temporary help to cover employee vacations. It’s also a time when many businesses hire consultants to come in for training sessions. With those things in mind, should your temporary employees receive access control credentials like your permanent staff does? Yes they should. Often, temporary…
Prevent False Alarms

Sep 23 2015

Easy Ways to Reduce False Alarms

False alarms are problematic for everyone. They cause the homeowner unnecessary worry and can burden the emergency system, increasing their response times to real emergencies. The good news is that most incidents of false alarms can be avoided by following a few simple tips. Talk to Your Home Security System Provider There are many things…
Read this before hidding your valuables

Sep 16 2015

Read this Before You Hide Your Valuables

Everyone has valuables that they would like to keep in the home and out of the hands of burglars. The more important or valuable the item, the more important it is to keep it secure and out of view. But just how stealthy is that hiding spot? Chances are good that it is more obvious…
Smart Elder Services

Sep 9 2015

Home Security Technologies Are Transforming Senior Services

Over the last decade, technology has changed the way we approach nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Those technologies however, have largely been geared toward young people. That trend is shifting, and now home security and smart home technologies are leading the way in improving the lives of seniors and helping them avoid assisted…

Aug 19 2015

Easy Guide to Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become more important than ever in deterring crime, identifying criminals, and as verification in the event of a workplace accident, among many other beneficial uses. However, some people steer clear of using video surveillance technologies because they are unsure of how to do it without infringing on another’s right to privacy. The…

Jul 22 2015

Do These Things for More Effective Lockdown Procedures

In a 2012 New York Times article, Bill Bond, a specialist for school safety at the National Association of Secondary School Principals and survivor of a school shooting incident said that the best reason to have lockdown procedures is that “we just don’t have an alternative”. Lockdown procedures represent our best defense against serious situations…

Jul 15 2015

15 Ways to Improve Church Security and Keep Congregants Safe

Hardly a month goes by before a new report of some type of church violence dominates the headlines. It is startling and concerning. So concerning, in fact, that 90% of those polled by Christian Security Network (CSN), an organizations specializing in church security, said that they worried about church security. All across the country, churches…

Jul 8 2015

Apply These School Security Tips to Improve WA School Safety Programs

School safety is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. School crisis situations are never far from the headlines. While schools are some of the safest places in our community, some surprising statistics reveal they are not as safe as we would want. Most people typically think that nearly every place is more…

Jun 24 2015

Actionable Steps You Can Take Now to Prevent Daytime Burglary in Seattle

Everyone wants to believe that they will not become a victim of a burglary, but the odds are working against us. In 2012, more than two million homes fall victim to burglars. That is one every 15 seconds, and 20 in the 5 minutes it takes to read this article. Surprisingly, many of these crimes…

Jun 10 2015

Celebrate National Safety Month with Improved Safety

June is one of our favorite months because it is a time when we focus on improving safety in the home and workplace. Brining attention to key safety issues is something we take very seriously because small changes save lives. And that matters to us. Did you know: Around 5,000 people die from sudden traumatic…

Security Systems Provide Solutions for Today’s Hotels

When guests choose a hotel, they think of amenities, convenience, and comfort. For most guests, safety only becomes a concern if for some reason they have a reason to feel unsafe. While hotel guests might take security for granted, hotel owners should not. A hotel builds its reputation on the safety and comfort of its…

Apr 20 2015

Emotional Fallout After Burglary

No matter how much is taken, every burglary is serious and can cause real, deep, and lasting emotional effects. After all, someone came in to your space.

Dealing with Dementia: Seattle Senior Monitoring

If you have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, providing a safe environment is always a primary concern. As dementia progresses, a person’s abilities change, affecting things like judgment, physical abilities, memory, senses, and understanding of time and place. Providing care for someone with dementia requires some creative problem-solving to…

Criminals Going High-Tech with 3D Printing Technologies

3D printing technology is used to create everything from brightly colored plastic dodads to advanced medical devices. The technology is amazing, affordable, and accessible. Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that criminals have found a way to use the technology to their advantage. A plastic representation of just about anything can be printed…

8 Important Reasons Why DYI Security Alarms Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

With the right information almost any project can be a DYI project. In fact, the popularity of project websites has fueled a new generation of highly motivated DYI-ers doing everything from making furniture to doing car repairs. But not everything should be a DYI project, especially the installation of home security systems. Here are some…

Jan 8 2015

Home Burglary Myths BUSTED

According to FBI crime statistics, the average loss to home burglaries is $2,185, which exceeds the price of a basic security system. Much of what we believe is shaped by how crime is depicted on television, in movies, and even in video games. This leads us to draw some wrong conclusions—and those assumptions can put us, our family, or our property in harm’s way.

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