Fire Protection System Testing Requirements & Best Practices, Part 2

Fire Systems Requirements Part 2
Bob Vezzani
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In this second installment of our best practices series for fire protection systems, we will address fire watch and impairments reporting.

Whenever a fire protection system is not in working order – whether it is impaired, out of service, or temporarily disabled during a scheduled maintenance appointment – a fire watch is the necessary surveillance solution until the system is in working order again. Building managers implement a fire watch in order to:
  • Control fire hazards
  • Detect early signs of unwanted fire
  • Raise an alarm in case of fire
  • Notify the fire department
In addition, many fire departments (including the Seattle Fire Department) require building managers to implement a fire watch if there is an excessive number of accidental activations or nuisance alarms.

Resources for Fire Watch in Washington State

Fire watch forms and processes are dictated by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Here are some fire watch resources for many AHJs throughout Washington state:

Red Tag Reporting for Fire Protection System Impairment in Washington State

When a fire protection system is impaired, most AHJs require an authorized service person to inspect it and assign a red tag until repairs are complete. Here are some resources for fire system impairment reporting in the region:
We hope this information on fire watch and fire protection system impairment will be helpful to our clients throughout Washington state. If you are still seeking resources, contact your local fire marshal’s office. If you are interested in new or upgraded fire protection systems for your building, contact Guardian Security.

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