Why Installing Fake Security Cameras is a Bad Idea

Fake Security Cameras

Let’s face it. Sometimes humans aren’t the brightest. Criminals will do the craziest things, even in sight of a camera. So, if you’re thinking of installing fake cameras at your business or home to deter crime, think again.

There are plenty of stories about intoxicated people caught on camera breaking into buildings, including police departments. So, if real security cameras don’t’ deter them, fake security cameras aren’t going to help at all, especially since they can’t record anything. Here are some other reasons not to install fake security cameras.

Fake Cameras are Easy to Identify

Simply put, fake cameras look fake, and they’re easy to identify. Worse yet, they can’t even record crimes in progress, and that’s the very thing they were invented for. One casino was sued because it provided a false sense of security. It had fake cameras that did nothing to protect employees and customers. Many have a blinking red light and lack wiring, signaling that they aren’t connected to anything.

Phony Security Cameras Can’t Record Anything

Genuine surveillance systems record crime as it happens, providing valuable evidence to law enforcement that they can use to identify, apprehend, and prosecute criminals. Fake cameras provide nothing of evidentiary value, so if someone breaks into your house or business, there is nothing recording the incident. The likelihood that police will solve the case is slim because they have no information to go on.

Fake Security Cameras Are Not Always Less Expensive

Here’s another false assumption related to fake cameras. Technology makes it possible to manufacture high-quality security cameras that you can have professionally installed inexpensively, making them more affordable than ever before.

A security integrator like Guardian Security can help you pick the right security equipment for your needs while factoring in the cost of installation and monitoring. When designing a customized security solution, your integrator considers the risks that are unique to your home or business, making it more effective and easier to use.

A cost-effective, professionally installed security system protects your property and home. Unlike phony security cameras, the system can alert you and a monitoring station when it detects a security incident while recording the event at the same time. If the suspect is gone by the time law enforcement responds, then they at least have surveillance footage to help them investigate. That’s better security than a fake camera can ever provide.

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