8 Important Reasons Why DYI Security Alarms Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

With the right information almost any project can be a DYI project. In fact, the popularity of project websites has fueled a new generation of highly motivated DYI-ers doing everything from making furniture to doing car repairs. But not everything should be a DYI project, especially the installation of home security systems.

Here are some important reasons why a DYI home alarm system is a bad idea:

1. Alarm Installation Matters
We can learn many things about home security and alarms but nothing replaces expert training and experience. Faulty installation can place you or your family at risk.

2. Placement is Key
No matter how tech savvy or how handy a person might be, nothing replaces the need for expert placement of security equipment. Security systems have many components such as motion sensors, environmental monitors, cameras and more. All of these elements must be expertly positioned to gain the most advantage. Trained professionals understand a criminal’s mindset as well as optimal placement.

3. It is Expensive
Most DYI home security systems come with a set number of components, such as window sensors, and often not enough to cover the needed number of windows or doors. If you need additional sensors or other components, the extras come at a premium and really add up.

4. Limited or Non-existent Warranty
Once you invest in a DYI home security system, you are soon on your own. Most offer a very limited warranty, understanding that the components are very sensitive and assuming the cost of replacement for very long would be cost prohibitive for the company.

5. Little or No Product Support
Even if a DYI home alarm system comes with product support, that support is very limited and generally limited specifically to technology, not to security.

6. The Product Capabilities are Limited
DYI security systems do not come with the additional benefits offered by home security companies, such as battery backups, pet immune motion sensors, fire monitoring, or panic buttons.

7. No Connection to Police
One of the most important components of any home security system is the connection to emergency services such as fire or police, something DYI systems do not offer. In the case of an emergency, every moment matters and the sooner emergency personnel are put in action the better.

8. A DYI System is not a Substitute
While a DYI security system can provide some of the same features of a professional system, it is really not a comparable substitute. The technologies used are often different and the capabilities of the systems vary dramatically. A DYI system is designed to meet the most basic need of a baseline of people, while a professional system is designed to meet the very specific needs of your family and designed specifically to your structure.

Nothing compares to the peace of mind knowing that your safety lies in well-trained hands. Washington State Home Security is a serious consideration deserving of the latest technologies and expertise. Guardian offers over 35 years of industry experience backed by state-of-the-art technologies, and systems for as little as $35 a month. Call today for more information on affordable Seattle home security systems. (800) 282-6998

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