Easy Ways to Reduce False Alarms

Prevent False Alarms

False alarms are problematic for everyone. They cause the homeowner unnecessary worry and can burden the emergency system, increasing their response times to real emergencies. The good news is that most incidents of false alarms can be avoided by following a few simple tips.

Talk to Your Home Security System Provider

There are many things that can affect your home security system such as whether or not you have pets, or if you have lots of people coming in and your of the home. Talk to your home security provider about how you will use the system. The more information the provider has, the better able they are to configure a system that will fit your needs and avoid the problem of false alarms.

Consider a System with Remote Arm/Disarm Feature

Having remote access to your security system can allow you to disarm it immediately should there be false alarm. You can also use the feature to disarm the system to allow people like babysitters or housekeepers in the home if you are away at work.

Use Home Automation with Security Cameras

Home automation systems can provide users with real time updates when sensors have been tripped and allow them to tap into live images to see if there is a real threat. Law enforcement agencies appreciate live video feed and video verification when a crime is in progress.

Read the User’s Manual

The user’s manual, of course, contains a wealth of information on best operating practices. While it might seem obvious, the manual contains a lot of helpful and sometimes surprising information that can help you avoid inadvertently setting off the alarm.

Train the Users

Make sure that everyone using the system has been properly and thoroughly trained on how to operate it properly.

Know the Codes

The single most common reason for a false alarm is human error. Be sure everyone knows all the relevant codes, including relevant people like the babysitter or other regular and trusted helpers.

Secure Zones Once the System is Turned On

Make sure that every zone is secure before you turn on the alarm. Make sure pets are placed in the appropriate places where they will not trip the alarm, and remember to not re-enter the home once the alarm is set.

Do Not Place Objects In Front of Motion Detectors

Remember not to place anything in front of sensors that might obstruct their effective operation.

Remember the Batteries

Weak batteries can cause false alarms, so be sure to replace them regularly.

If your system is accidentally set off, stay calm. Disarm the system as soon as possible and give us a call. As your security alarm provider, we are always happy to work with you to help prevent or reduce the incidence of false alarms.

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