Are Fake Security Cameras Good Enough For Your Business?

Is installing a fake security camera good enough to prevent a robbery at your business? Unfortunately, no. Consider these factors.


If your camera isn’t as “real-looking” as you think it is and a criminal isn’t deterred by the sight of it, then your business could quite possibly be burglarized while you are away – or worse, you could be robbed while you and your employees are on site. Sure, some intruders aren’t savvy enough to know that the cameras around your business are fake. But why take that chance? After all, there are only so many “world’s dumbest criminals” around. Some thieves are experienced enough to spot a fake camera immediately, and they will move right past it to follow through with their plan.


Even if your fake camera deters someone who approaches your business after hours, it can’t film that person. That means you’ll never know someone was there – and in this case, your ignorance is not bliss. You need to know if your business is being cased out by thieves, so you can amp up your security measures accordingly.

Plus, a true security camera connected to your phone will send you a clip of the person, and you can take a screenshot of it to post on social media. In the digital age, many trespassers have been identified that way.   


If a criminal walks through the door of your business with the goal of robbing you while you’re away – and you have a real, monitored security camera installed and integrated with your smartphone – then a thief who recognizes it may be deterred. If he isn’t, then the motion-triggered camera will record a clip and you will receive a smartphone alert about his presence. You can pull up a live video feed from your phone’s alarm app to see what’s happening. The monitoring center will be alerted as well, and you can be assured they will send the authorities. What if you’re actually inside the business? Your monitored camera will see everything, which can help the police identify the suspect to make an arrest.

So do fake security cameras work? Not really. To hear more ways a monitored security camera can protect your business, contact Guardian Security.


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