Home Security Seattle: 5 Ways a Smart Home System Protects Your Vacation Home

Vacation Home Security Tips

There are many vacation homes in the Seattle area, and anyone who owns one of those homes knows the feeling of worry that something may be amiss when you aren’t there. What’s going on with your vacation home when you’re back at your “real” house? Could there be criminals scoping out the street in search of empty homes to burglarize, vandalize or even squat in once the summer residents are away? There certainly could be. What’s a vacation homeowner to do? Here’s our suggestion: Equip the vacation home with smart home security technology, and do it before the summer ends. Here are five ways this can help.

1. By keeping the property watched over at all times.

If one of your summer neighbors offers to keep an eye on the house when you aren’t there, that’s great; however, even the nicest neighbors aren’t able to do this all the time. With smart home technology, you can be in control of what happens yourself – by relying on connected cameras, a network of motion sensors and glass break detectors that will immediately trigger an alert to both you and the central station monitoring center. Neighborhood watches are nice, but’s it’s much more empowering to rely on technology you control yourself.

2. By offering a safer option.

Not only is it more empowering to use smart home security technology – it’s also safer, both for you and your neighbors. If a criminal catches your neighbor staring suspiciously through the window, that can put hersafety at risk – and for a criminal who likes the contest, it can potentially make your home an even bigger target.

Smart home technology is just safer. It gives you multiple discreet security sensors to hide around your vacation home, so that intruders don’t realize they’re being watched until the alarm sounds. There’s less risk of retaliation, and more of an assurance that the home is secure. 

3. By giving you more options.

The security sensors in a smart home system include motion sensors and glass break detectors, both of which are designed to stop an intruder in his tracks and alert the central station at the same time. If you want the authorities to be dispatched, they will be; if you want to verify the alarm via your video surveillance footage, that can also be done. Smart home technology gives you more options than relying on well-meaning neighbors does. 

4. By providing instant smartphone access.

With smart home security technology, you get a smartphone app that lets you watch your security camera footage, arm or disarm the alarm, turn electronic locks on and off, and even adjust the temperature inside with your smart thermostat. Everything is controlled by you, wherever you happen to be. That way, the amount of time you spend away from your vacation home has minimal effect on the property’s security.

5. By protecting your investment.

You worked hard for your vacation home, and your security solution should protect that investment. A smart home system has technology that senses everything from lethal carbon monoxide in the air to water on the floor, pipes that are freezing, or a fire that has just started emitting smoke. Because you receive smartphone notifications regarding these dangers, you’ll be able to send help to the house immediately. Now, your property is protected.

To learn more about smart home security technology for your vacation home, contact Guardian Security this summer. We look forward to helping you discover your options for home security at your Seattle vacation property. 

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