Supply Chain Solutions for Alarm Equipment Delays

The impact of the nationwide supply chain crisis has been severe on the electronic security industry. Experts in our field have forecasted that the delays on inventory could last well into 2022, and possibly longer. For many alarm equipment dealers, lag times for popular brands have been up to six months. Fortunately, we have good news at Guardian Security. 

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How Video Verification of Your Alarm Signal Works

For effective crime intervention and the most robust intrusion detection possible, we recommend alarm verification through our video verification service. Guardian Security delivers video verification to establishments throughout Washington state. Here is what this alarm verification service involves, and how it can deeply enhance the security of your property. 

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Business Activity Analytics Powered by

Small to mid-sized businesses of all types are now making data-driven decisions using business intelligence and insights. For businesses in the Pacific Northwest, Guardian Security can help deliver enlightening business intelligence powered by Business Activity Analytics. 

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Preventing a Holiday Fire at Your Business

For business owners who plan to decorate for the holidays, the same holiday fire risks faced by homeowners are also a reality at their businesses. To help protect your business from a holiday fire disaster, follow these tips from the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). 

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The Essential Quick Guide to Office Automation and Security

Office Automation and Security

Over time, business security solutions become smarter and more secure as the dynamic nature of business environments continually changes. The latest smart offices enhance security, improve productivity, and streamline business processes. Here’s a quick guide to office automation and security.

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Taking Your Business to the Next Security Level

Business Security

Inconveniences come as a normal part of running a business, so it’s easy to become used to them. But security systems can be a source of convenience, making your life and role as a business owner much easier. An intelligent security system can even increase efficiency and enhance security. So, how is smart business security different than old legacy security systems?

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Leading Security Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Guardian Security partners with DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) to bring you leading security services for the financial industry. Since DMP is one of the most trusted brands for financial institutions, they bring insight and understanding of the security needs for financial institutions that lead to solutions that work. Here are some of the important security solutions that financial institutions and businesses need that DMP leads in.

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Paint & Sprinkler Heads: Read This Before Painting Your Office

Painting Your Office

For facilities looking to remodel, redecorate, or revamp their look, repainting walls and ceilings is a standard “go-to” solution. A fresh coat of paint in a new color can make an old space look brand new again. Don’t let that fresh coat of paint create more challenges and costly headaches for you! In our experience, many facility managers, designers, and painters, while focused on the fresh look, miss the mark on safety compliance.

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