What Access Control Solutions Can Do this Summer

Some years, the relaxed lifestyle and warmer weather of summer can usher in heightened levels of crime. Law enforcement departments around the country are gearing up for a busy summer of crime fighting this year, and the police departments of Washington state are no exception. As one Seattle police lieutenant said recently, “We always see an uptick in violent crime in summer months, so we’ve come to expect that.” 

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Integrating Brivo Access Control and Eagle Eye Cameras

Often, the key to a successful security solution is connectivity between various devices. In order for devices with different purposes to work together seamlessly, this connectivity is necessary. It’s a process that we in the electronic security space call integration, and many of our manufacturer partners make it a high priority. Currently, two of those partners are taking the industry by storm with the success of their product integration: Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks. 

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The Future of Access Control: Protecting Health and Safety

Woman using access control to building

The year 2020 will go in the record books for everyone around the world. Businesses everywhere must adapt to the “new normal” that a global pandemic brings with it. The health and safety of visitors and employees are more important than ever, so companies are now turning their security systems as a solution, most importantly access control. Brivo’s access control helps you manage your business remotely from anywhere.

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