Paint & Sprinkler Heads: Read This Before Painting Your Office

Painting Your Office

For facilities looking to remodel, redecorate, or revamp their look, repainting walls and ceilings is a standard “go-to” solution. A fresh coat of paint in a new color can make an old space look brand new again. Don’t let that fresh coat of paint create more challenges and costly headaches for you! In our experience, many facility managers, designers, and painters, while focused on the fresh look, miss the mark on safety compliance.

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Do I need to have my fire alarm system monitored?

The purpose of a fire alarm system is early detection, coupled with notification to all occupants to evacuate as well as notification to first responders. If a facility has a fire alarm system and does not have it monitored, what is the purpose of that fire alarm system when the business is closed up for the business day? Protection of a property when unoccupied is one of the primary functions of a fire alarm system.

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Fire Systems Testing Requirements & Best Practices, Part 3

Fire Systems Requirements Part 3

When maintaining a relationship with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), there are a variety of questions a building manager may have. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for staying compliant with your AHJ on matters of installation, testing and other requirements for your fire protection or public safety system. 

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Fire Protection System Testing Requirements and Best Practices, Part 1

Fire Systems Requirements Part 1

Fire protection systems – such as fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems and standpipes – are a building’s most important components for preserving lives and protecting property. Secondarily, emergency responder radio amplification systems such as bidirectional amplifiers (BDA) or distributed antenna systems (DAS) are of similar importance. In a building emergency, your BDA or DAS is the solution that provides safety to the first responders.

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