Fire Safety 101 for Businesses in Eastern Washington

Fire Safety

Operating a business requires you to comply with a variety of state and local laws, including fire codes. There are numerous challenges business owners in Eastern Washington may face when it comes to implementing fire and life safety systems for their buildings. But in order to keep customers and employees safe, these challenges must be…

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Commercial Fire Protection: Avoiding False or Nuisance Alarms

We become fatigued by repeated alarms. Studies show that all it takes is three nuisance alarms a year to seriously impact the responsiveness of the building occupants. This is the point when we assume that every alarm is a false one and so delay any action. We are more likely to be annoyed with the disruption than fear it could be real. This leads to increased fire associated injury and deaths.

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Why should my fire alarm be monitored with an AES radio?

One of the most common questions we get at Guardian Security is from Washington business and facility owners asking “Why should my fire alarm system be monitored with a radio?” It is a great question, with some important answers. Fastest, most reliable transmission speeds Fastest… While other communication pathways, such as cellular can take up…

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