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How to Handle Annual Fire Inspections In Washington State

When annual fire inspection time rolls around – or, a property receives notification that the fire department wants to see an inspection completed on demand – it can be a stressful time for managers of a commercial property. To address this, here are some recommendations for businesses of all sizes.

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How Young Professionals Use Home Security Today

What’s the cause for the surge in home security interest among this new generation of homebuyers? Most likely, it has very little to do with young homeowners “turning into their parents.” A more likely reason is that today’s home security is nothing like their parents’ home security.

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Defeating Smash and Grab Burglary

A smash and grab is the simplest way for a criminal to burglarize a storefront; he uses a crowbar, sledgehammer or another tool to smash in a glass display window or front door, then grabs everything he can reacha. What can you do about this as a business owner?

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Fire Prevention Tips In The Workplace

Most fires are caused by careless behaviors that lead to ignition. This means most fires can be avoided by changing these behaviors. Help prevent workplace fire by practicing good safety practices such as these…

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