DMP: A Dominant Force in Financial Security

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For financial institutions in need of electronic security technology, DMP (Digital Monitoring Products)products from Guardian are ideal for many reasons.


DMP began as a monitoring center service provider, background that affords them keen insight into the needs of financial institutions. Banks and lenders demand electronic security technology that was designed with an understanding of the needs of stakeholders on all sides. DMP has the foundational background to do that.


DMP has decades of experience protecting both assets and facilities for some of the largest financial institutions in the Western Hemisphere. Over time, they have worked closely with both bank-owned and bank-contracted monitoring centers of all sizes. You can trust DMP’s experience to inform decisions that affect your financial institution’s security.


DMP has built a stellar reputation for listening to customers as they voice their needs and deploying a rapid response to meet those needs at a customized level, with solutions that are both practical and innovative. A standout example is the XR500 panel, developed to address the deep needs of vulnerable financial institutions.

DMP solutions from Guardian Security

  • Technology that Works

    Even in the financial sector, reliable security technology doesn’t have to be complicated to install or deploy. DMP technology is easy to install and uncomplicated to operate, drawing on less power than other solutions on the market.

  • Technology that Protects

    It’s rare to find a solution that brings together both electronic security and access control in a single, integrated system, but DMP does this. Financial institutions can benefit from this integration with fewer components than other security technologies offer, which makes it simpler and more efficient to operate as it delivers consistent protection.  

  • Technology that Lasts

    DMP invests in thorough testing for every product, which means a consistently low out-of-box failure rate. The company not only engineers its products for the highest levels of forward and backward compatibility, but also with an open architecture approach. With a three-to-seven year battery life, the DMP Two-Way Wireless™ boasts longevity that equates to a healthy ROI. There is additional wireless technology available as well, all of it UL and ULC compliant with low maintenance risk.

  • Entré Software for Access Control

    DMP’s Entré Access Control and Security Management software gives users fast, simple, point-and-click control over their security systems. Managers appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface for monitoring and controlling the system on a single platform. All your facilities, no matter their location, can be managed from anywhere.

  • Audit Compliance

    When the time comes to audit your security program, DMP makes it easy to gather the data from your access control, video, intrusion detection and automation systems. Entré NOC™ is a single, unified software solution that centralizes all your data for easy retrieval. For once, everyone involved can breathe a sigh of relief at audit time.

  • Encryption Specifications

    The DMP control panel used for high security and UL2050 SCIF applications incorporates U.S. government approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It has also received the industry’s first UL Listing for Highline Security with NIST-approved 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. Support for 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption from end to end keeps data secure.

    DMP is simply the best choice for electronic security at your financial institution.

Guardian Security is simply the best choice for electronic security at your financial institution.

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To discuss DMP solutions for your financial institution in the Pacific Northwest, contact Guardian Security to schedule a no obligation security assessment of your facility today.