An Intruder Just Broke Into Your Store. How Fast Will The Police Come?

Police car

Because around 98% of alarm activations at businesses turn out to be false alarms, police departments make business alarms very low in priority. If you’ve ever been fined by your city for a false alarm, you know how serious local departments are about curbing them. They’re a huge drain on police resources, during a time in which departments are already suffering. 

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Do I need to have my fire alarm system monitored?

The purpose of a fire alarm system is early detection, coupled with notification to all occupants to evacuate as well as notification to first responders. If a facility has a fire alarm system and does not have it monitored, what is the purpose of that fire alarm system when the business is closed up for the business day? Protection of a property when unoccupied is one of the primary functions of a fire alarm system.

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