Most Cameras Can Only Record A Crime In Progress.
Guardian Security Can Prevent It.

Guardian Security combines on-site video surveillance technologies, artificial intelligence and the swift action of trained security interventionists, stopping a crime in progress and sending live video footage to police in real time.


Video Surveillance systems equipped with advanced analytics that incorporate artificial intelligence. This Learning improves the accuracy of your specific site and location.


Live operators trained in security deterrence prevent criminal activities by promptly and assertively addressing approaching intruders, issuing a clear warning to vacate the premises and cooperate with law enforcement.


Guardian offers proactive security measures instead of reactive ones, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of expansive, dimly lit, or distant locations, with swift intervention to prevent criminal activities.

Real-Time Deterrence for Any Property

Leveraging advanced talk-down technology, our team can deliver live video announcements directly to the site, compelling intruders to react, frequently leading to their departure from the premises. This strategy exemplifies an exceptionally effective and economical approach to minimizing potential harm to your business operations.

Advanced Perimeter Protection

Unlike traditional on-site security measures, Video Monitoring provides scalable coverage that extends beyond the limitations. Triggered by alarm signals, our Video Monitoring service promptly relays live feeds to our Central Monitoring Station. Here, a team of trained security professionals analyzes the footage to verify any potential intrusions, offering a flexible and efficient security solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Professional Response with A.I. Assistance

When considering the necessity for round-the-clock security coverage, Video Monitoring offers a seamless solution. The service employs advanced motion detection, analytics, object recognition, and artificial intelligence technologies to effectively detect intruders. By analyzing surveillance footage in real-time, this service can differentiate between normal activity and suspicious behavior, triggering alerts when potential security threats are identified. 

Affordability & Scalability Come Standard.

One Camera, or 100 Cameras

Video Monitoring offers scalable security solutions suitable for both small and large businesses. This integration enhances intruder detection capabilities by correlating video footage with customizable security breaches, then enabling proactive security measures.

Whether it's a small startup or a large enterprise, businesses of all sizes can benefit from this advanced integration to bolster their onsite security effectively. On top of the service’s effectiveness, most camera manufacturers are supported within the integration of Video Monitoring, leading to less costs in hardware replacement.

Fast. Secure. Better Than Just A Camera.

Get Real-Time Response Capabilities

Leveraging advanced technology, the system continuously analyzes live video feeds, promptly detecting and alerting users to any anomalies or security breaches. This instantaneous awareness empowers users to take immediate corrective measures, mitigating potential risks and enhancing overall security protection.


Getting Started Is Easy.

Stop crime before it starts with video monitoring from Guardian Security. Request a consultation. We'll come to your business, make recommendations and schedule installation quickly. We're a top-rated commercial security company in Washington State, protecting local businesses for half a century. 

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Guardian Security Systems has partnered with EyeForce, a leading video monitoring command center equipped with state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology, to deliver video monitoring solutions to our customers in Washington State.
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