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AES Intellinet: Disruptive Technology That Drives Business

Selecting a security system to protect your business or residence is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Most people understand that and the importance of choosing the right components to form the most effective system possible. However, most people do not realize that even the most technically advanced components are impacted…

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Is Mesh Radio Better? 4 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes.

We all dream of a truly seamlessly connected world; and with mesh radio, that dream can finally become a reality. Wireless mesh radio is an emergent technology whose networks utilize existing technology in a new and highly effective way. If you are weighing your options in electronic alarm solutions, there are several reasons why you…

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So, What’s Mesh Radio? You’ll Be Glad You Asked.

Some things are so simple that they are genius. And what you do with it is even better. Such is the case with mesh radio. Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple, but when implemented in electronic security, the result is a far more reliable and secure network than offered through other means. The Simple Lowdown…

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New Burglar Alarm Dispatch Requirements For Redmond

Beginning April 15, 2016, to qualify for a police dispatch in the City of Redmond there must be some form of verification that the alarm is valid. The qualifiers are: An eyewitness to a crime in progress Video or Audio evidence of a crime The receipt of two or more alarms signals during the same…

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House Fire Hazards You May Have Overlooked

home fire alarm systems

Seattle home security customers: When was the last time you thought about the fire hazards in your home? Some of the obvious ones, like the fire risks from the stove and fireplace, may be things we think about often. On the other hand, there are fire risks that people give little to any thought about…

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