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Fire systems installation has been the cornerstone of our business for over 40 years. Our fire team understands the code requirements in each AHJ throughout Washington State and can ensure that your business remains in compliance. 


Guardian provides ongoing system testing for the safety of you and your property.

Guardian Security has a specially designed Fire System Confidence Testing program that ensures your fire alarm system complies with all regulatory requirements. We provide this program for systems that we have installed or have been serviced by other companies. 

This program provides our customers with the assurance that their fire alarm system is operating at its maximum protection level. Customers also recognize that a regularly scheduled maintenance program protects and extends the life of their capital investment. 

Guardian Security performs regularly scheduled tests as well as special tests such as testing the presidential suite at the Westin Hotel prior to Presidential visits.

Improving Safety, Protecting Property

Fire alarm and life safety systems are subject to multiple regulatory guidelines that specify the testing requirements for different types of industries, building occupancy and types of fire systems. These guidelines vary and are dependent on the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), as well as the equipment manufacturers’ specifications and the installation environment.

Guardian’s Fire System Confidence Testing program is based on widely recognized standards set by the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) and the specific requirements mandated in each jurisdiction. Our detailed knowledge of national, state and local codes, approved testing methods, and manufacturers’ specification ensures full compliance with the codes, and minimum destruction to your operations.

Quick Facts About Confidence Testing

  • Our Confidence Testing is available for all systems – whether we’ve installed them or not.
  • We maintain complete records of the systems we test, take care of the documentation and make the required reports
  • Fire System Confidence Testing reduces your exposure to litigation
  • Most false alarms are the result of inadequate maintenance, improper installation, or changes to your building that impact your fire protection systems

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Procedures and Peace of Mind

Regular testing reduces possible false alarms that disrupt company productivity and can impact alarm credibility levels. Most false alarms are the result of inadequate maintenance, improper installation, or changes to your building.

Fire Systems Confidence Testing also reduces exposure to litigation, as we maintain complete records of the systems we test, take care of the documentation, file the required reports with the appropriate jurisdiction, and notify you if tests show a need for service or maintenance.


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